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VIB Rouge status – Worth it?

Sephora VIB Rouge …1 year after!

VIB Rouge

Last year , I ended up becoming VIB Rouge after obviously spending 1000$ ( OMG!!! ) at Sephora’s***. In the past I always been VIB and it was fine with me , but last year with my mom renewing her skin care products and the nieces ordering makeup items through me ( since they don’t have a Sephora nearby) ; my status then change…so 1 year after is it worth it?

On the Sephora website, that’s what they write about the Rouge status ( the perks):

vib rouge perks

♥ For me personally I didn’t take advantage of the access to the beauty studio because I really like doing my makeup myself but for many of you that could be a very good opportunity to try out new stuff, new trends or just to learn different technic .

♥ The free shipping alone for me is worth becoming VIB Rouge, since I shop a lot in the “sale” section , it allows me to buy at any price and anytime . I shop almost exclusively online. Why? Because with every purchase you choose 3 samples ( no joke I have for a year of perfume samples 🙂 …and when you purchase a total of 35$ ( for us Canadians), you choose a deluxe sample ; I’m sure that I received at least 20 to 25 deluxe samples in the last year , not bad at all!!! There is often some promos for VIB and VIB Rouge  ( I do wish there was more of those just for VIB Rouge only! )

♥ The status allow you to put your hand first on the new HOT items . I never really took advantage of that because I like to read reviews before I purchase something; even if Sephora has the best return policy , I don’t like to send back products ( over the last 2 years, I’ve returned 3 products only! ), so I don’t feel the urge to have the future Naked 4 first 😉

Bottom line , I LOVE being VIB Rouge , I don’t want to sound like I’m pushing you guys to spent that much money; but as a family or a group of best friends that could be very interesting and worth it !

*** Living in Canada we don’t have Ulta’s and few companies ( very sadly ) ship to us so I mainly buy from Sephora ***

Do you shop at Sephora’s?

Ingrid xoxo


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