Pür Lip Gloss Stick -Review-

pur lipgloss stick

The Good :

♥ The texture is very buttery and goes on smooth

♥ Nice and rich high-shine shades

♥ The jumbo stick format is so convenient

 ♥  icon_PETA_Spring2014

The NOT so Good :

♥ The smell of these is simply awful , I cannot stand it on my lips for more than 10 seconds (Sadly I’m not even exaggerating)

♥ $16 is a little pricey / stick

Final thought :

Unless I got unlucky and bought 3 bad sticks , I totally don’t recommend them . The awful smell makes them the worst I ever bought . A Waste of money since they are going in the garbage tonight !!! It’s very sad because the formula is great.

Hope it was helpful…

Ingrid xoxo


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