Why I buy online…

In my post  VIB Rouge status – Worth it? , I was talking about why I was shopping on the Sephora’s website almost exclusively instead of buying in store .

Why ??? Here are the three latest perks I received with my $35 can ( $25 us ) purchase:

*** My shipping is always free since I’m VIB Rouge ***

vib rougeperks

vib rouge perks2

vib rouge perks3

The first two are still ongoing & I do think that they are so amazing , each bag is worth the amount of the purchase.

Being a savvy shopper I want my money’s worth 🙂 … Add EBATES and there you have it !!!

Hope it’s helpful


Ingrid xoxo


4 thoughts on “Why I buy online…

  1. I try to shop as much as I can online. The savings are huge over what my local prices are. I think that the only thing that I buy locally is food and gasoline.


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