Benefit CHEEKY SWEET SPOT -Review-

benefit 8

I was so excited when I heard Benefit was releasing a collection of their boxed powders for the 2014 holiday season. I’ve actually never tried any of their cheek products before (besides Watt’s Up), and I’d been eyeing Dandelion for the longest time.
Well,  for all of you who are like me, I think this set is such a bargain. For $8 more than a single boxed powder, you get a full-sized Rockateur plus five other powders to try .



The packaging these blushes comes in is a beautiful TIN BOX. That’s right, not a plastic box; A FULL TIN BOX, SHAPED LIKE A HOUSE! How AWESOME !!!

benefit 3

When you open up the box, you find a really neat pamphlet with some tips and tricks on how to wear these blushes either together or solo. You can easily mix the colours together and they are quite buildable if you prefer an intense look !!!

benefit 5

Like iI said , for $36 ( $41 CND ), you get six Benefit blushes, each in a generous 0.17-oz. pan. To put that in perspective, a single full-size 0.25-oz. Benefit blush regularly costs $28, so $36 for six, even though they’re smaller, has the makings of a great deal in my opinion.


Here is all the  blushes swatches :

benefit 6

Right off the bat I want to point out that this blush palette won’t likely be for everyone. As you know I’m very fair so for me this is perfection but I’m not sure how these shades would look on darker skin tones. If your skin is deeper or tan, however, many of these may work better for you as highlighters perhaps.


From upper left to right we have Dandelion first which is a very light, muted pink with soft golden shimmer. Next is Bella Bamba which is a shimmering pink. Last on that row is Sugarbomb which has 4 different shades so the colour will depend on how you apply it. The next row starts with Hoola which is a cool-toned matte bronzer, which is perfect for contour. Coralista is a famous coral shade that I’ve fallen for. The last shade is Rockateur which is the perfect rose -gold blush.
Something BIG to point out is that this is a FULL SIZE Benefit Rockateur in this palette! You’ll also notice a mini Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter in a little sealed package (so cute!!!). The brush is even more mini-sized than those that come with the boxed powders & is simply adorable.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I’m so thrilled with this palette. Again, I think this will likely suit lighter skin-tone . As quite the pale lady myself, I’m digging these colors so much! This palette may not be the best for travelling, but since I take one or two trip per year, I’ll manage  🙂
Good job Benefit!!!  I cannot wait to try their other blushes.


In this picture i am wearing :
♥ Hoola for my contour
♥ Dandelion mix with Sugarbomb on my cheeks
♥ Watt’s Up for my hightlights
♥ On my lips Buxom (White Russian) on top of Bite Beauty (Meritage) .** From the GIVE me some Lip 2014 set**


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Ingrid xoxo


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