Too Faced : Glitter Glaze – My review –





I love Christmas so much ; during this time of the year I cannot stop singing , I bake lots of Holidays treats … Ahhhhh ! It ‘s the season to be grateful, to enjoy family gathering … AND most importantly it’s time to wear GLITTER yessss!

Last week, I may have just found the best Glitter ever made …


This little angel comes in two shades ; Silver Spark (a gift from my boyfriend😘 !!!), a bright cool toned silver & Goldie Rocks, a warm yellow gold.


(This picture only is from Too Faced)

This product is to die for because you really can make it as bold or transparent as you want over your eyeshadow. You can add one coat for some glittery shimmer, or you can add a couple of coats to make it really intense. It’s almost magical when you apply it in the inner corner of the eye! 😉

Alone …


On top of mattes eyeshadows…


Overall :

I highly recommend this one !!! It’s a great stand-alone product, but it really shines when applied over a shadow or liner. It has this super thin and silky, almost mousse-like formula that glides on like a dream and dries down instantly upon contact to a powdery finish. It feels very smooth on the eyes – no gritty feeling here – and you wouldn’t believe how sparkly this thing is! It reflects light like crazy even with just a small tiny dab on the lid! Tip : I find it easiest to apply it to your finger.

The good part is there is no fallout anywhere in sight! For some reason, the glitter stays on the skin like glue and would not come off on its own unless you use a makeup remover. So, a big thumbs up for the staying power! I paid 10$CND for that big tube 🙂

I’m feeling so festive right now and you know what ? I really can see myself wearing this hidden gem even after the Holidays …

Thanks for stopping by


Ingrid xoxo


5 thoughts on “Too Faced : Glitter Glaze – My review –

  1. I like the fact it’s very smooth to apply…
    Also, I like it over the matte eye shadows. Brings it to life.
    Lovely reviews as usual.
    Oh and I did email you the song(more like audio clip)

    Liked by 1 person

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