Too Faced : Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar


(Pictures from Sephora)

Will you be able to resist buying this one? I’m so in love ♥


23 thoughts on “Too Faced : Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

  1. It’s gorgeous! Btw. I am giving away an Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette, so if you’re interested, go ahead and check out my giveaway post! Hope you have a good day!


  2. These are such gorgeous eyeshadows! I heard so many good things about this palette ❤ I think that the next ones I'll purchase will definitively be this one and the Lorac pro!


    1. I have the original Chocolate bar palette , but I really think I will love this one even more because it’s warmer 🙂
      I want the Lorac pro too … we don’t have Lorac in Canada 😦


      1. I know! I don’t understand why though, everyone loves their products so much! I plan on ordering through a friend living in the states and when I go visit her or vice versa, she’ll give it to me. Only solution I found until now! 😦

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