Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette – Review –


I am such a huge fan of the original Chocolate Bar palette, so when I heard they were releasing a new one I just knew I NEEDED it.

I’m in Makeup Heaven … and hungry with all that chocolate smelling shades. 😉



I thought the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette was warm, but this one is even warmer toned. This palette contains mostly brown-toned shades with a pop of blue and a black shade.


Here are the swatches (without primer)





 The Good :

♥ Cruelty Free.

♥ Almost all of the shades have very good pigmentation.

♥ The palette truly smells like CHOCOLATE!

♥ Like the original, the colors in this palette are very daytime appropriate and ‘fool’-proof.

♥ The shades are soft, buttery and smooth and just a DREAM to apply.

♥ The shades names are printed ON the palette!

♥ I have No Fallout when use with my primer.

The NOT so Good :

(It’s the perfect palette … with two little exceptions)

♥ The palette magnet is a little weak.

♥ Pink Sugar is not very pigmented (If I use it wet with my trusted Eye Drops , it become a beautiful shade!!! So not really “a Not so GOOD”).

Bottom Line : 

Overall, if you’re looking for a gorgeous warm palette, I am definitely recommending this one. If you don’t have the original Chocolate Bar palette and are hesitating which one to get, I would say get BOTH. 🙂 Seriously If I had to choose just one, I would choose the Semi Sweet palette for personal shades preference only. Good Job Too Faced !!!

Thanks you for stopping by …


Ingrid xoxo


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