Highlighters … Not just for the Holidays

What would be the Holiday Season without a good highlighter … You know “Glowing” without looking like a disco ball!!! 🙂


Just because Winter will overcome its stay, it doesn’t mean that we have to loose our summer glow! We can always cheat a little bit by using some products with light-reflecting particles to enhance our favourite features. And did you know that using a makeup highlighter is also a great way to sculpt your cheeks and give you a slimmer nose? Yay!!!

§ Bronzers, highlighters, and illuminators are made to emphasize the areas the sun naturally spotlights.§

Here is the Top Places to apply Highlighting Products:


Eyebrows: When you apply it to your eyes, the shimmer placed on the browbone will automatically light up your eyes and give you a brow-lift effect.
Forehead: Mimic a sun-touched look by applying highlighter in the center of your forehead.

Tip : To avoid a shiny look, use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone instead of a shimmering product.

Inner corner of the eye: The oldest trick in the book for looking awake. Add just a pinch of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up an otherwise dark areas.
Cheekbones: Apply an highlighter to the apples of your cheeks, by placing a small amount of the product on the highest point of your cheekbone and up towards your temple. This is especially important if you plan to do contours below the cheekbone, as it will draw attention away from the created shadows.
Nose: You can also apply it to the bridge of the nose to narrow it, but be careful not to place the shimmer on the tip of the nose.
Cupid’s bow: Dab a touch of it just above your lips in the cupid’s bow area to give your lips a fuller appearance.

Tip : If you choose to apply highlighter to your lips, a technique seldom used out of commodity, the product will show through your lipstick, giving your lips dimension and volume. 

Chin: You can finish off a faux glow with a touch of bronzer/ highlighter in the middle of your chin, and apply in a soft circular motion. ( I personally don’t do this one !)

Tricks :

♥ Mix a liquid highlighter with your moisturizer for an all over glow across your entire face.

♥ Keep in mind that highlighters will illuminate any skin imperfections, so preping your skin with a hydrating primer and smooth foundation or BB Cream is key before beginning your highlighter application.

♥ If you apply your foundation with a brush or a beauty blender, which I recommend, use that same brush or beauty blender to apply your highlighter. Don’t bother cleaning the brush before, as the leftover product will serve you in the blending process.

♥ Don’t use an highlighter for coverage; apply highlighter after your foundation, but before your concealer; match the texture (liquid/ cream/ powder) of the highlighter to your base.

♥ When choosing makeup highlighters, look for products that contain shimmery pearls in a wide number of different shades (pink, orange, beige, gold, brown) in order to get a perfect, balanced glow. That way, you’ll make sure that the blend matches your complexion and gives your skin a slight dewy sheen.

♥ The concealer highlighters always blend well and result in a natural glow. These products will significantly brighten the face, while covering dark circles under the eyes, the sides of the nose, the corners of the lips and the hallows of the chin.

The Brushes: 

Fan Brush : I actually use mine for applying powder highlighter, so that I get some more control over how much product I’m applying. I can get a natural glow with a minimal amount of powder.

Stipple Brush : That brush is so good to illuminate and add dimension to your cheekbones with just the right amount of your favorite highlighting product. Whether you’re using cream, liquid, or powder, a soft stippling brush makes it easy to pick up small amounts of product for sheer, perfect coverage.


Top Products to Consider:


(Becca, Bobby Brown, Becca (liquid), Hourglass & Buxom)


Face highlighters come in many formulas and they all have advantages and disadvantages. A liquid highlighter gives you the benefit of mixing and blending the product with foundation and blush, while a highlighter stick is generally easier to use and more practical in a travel makeup kit. Shimmery powders are almost always preferred though, due to their natural capacity to add just the right amount of shimmer, while setting the makeup.

A good highlighter is a product that can completely change your look. It helps add a glow to your skin, can give you just the right amount of dewiness, and it brighten up your eyes like nothing else can. Have fun playing with different products and texture … I can promise you that trying is believing 😉

My top 3 personal favourites ( that I use all the time ) are:

♥ Physicians Formula, Light Bronze Pearl

♥ Nars, Copacabana Illuminator

♥ Tarte, park ave princess palette

Thank you for stopping by…


Glowing Ingrid xoxo


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