Tuesdays Drugstore Product : Hot Buy or Not !


Yesterday, I bought my first Essence product EVER. I invested a big 4$CND in the “How to make BRIGHT eyes (make-up box)”… Cheap yes, but like I always say, It’s always too much for a dud right !


The Good :

♥ Super affordable.

♥ The packaging is super cute & very steardy with a magnetic cover (I’m quite impress actually, I have high-end palette with way cheaper packaging with a 50$ price tag, just saying!).

♥ eyes bright open, team bright & the irresistible are unexpectedly good eyeshadows. With my Smashbox  eye primer, I achieve quite a nice look today; almost no fallout, soft pigmentation & after 7 hours my eyeshadow is still fresh as a rose.

The Not so Good:

♥ light up!, vanilla eyes & natural beauty are mega powdery (rubbish), these are just good to apply in the corner of the eyes.

♥ You need to apply an eye primer before applying these colours.


Bottom Line:

I really see myself reaching for this palette in the future for my everyday no make-up make-up look (that needs like 10 products, but who’s counting); team bright alone is worth the 4$CND I spent. Concerning the colour selection, I think this palette is not made for some dramatic eye looks but for light, illuminated styles. Is it a hidden gem? Not really! Would I buy it again? Not sure but I don’t regret it whatsoever. I would definitely recommend this palette to newbies or younger girls.

Thanks for stopping by


Ingrid xoxo


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