Frugal Tip of the Day !

I have to admit that I am a NSAM (Not So Anonymous Makeupaholic). Truth be said being a VIB Rouge Sephora member (see my post on my thoughts on this status), I order a lot online since I am not paying for shipment cost (why buy at the store, no perks there)…. Anyway, I used to choose perfume samples with every purchase, but I don’t really used them much, so now I just order eye creams, primers, serums & the same for my deluxe samples simply because I have the most use out of them.


For example, you know that I am crazy about the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, but did you know that in one tiny regular sample, I got 8 applications out of it by simply (Ok! for some of you, It might be a little on the stingy side, but why not !), squeezing it in an old clean little pot & cutting the sample on the side and scrapping the inside (the inside alone gave me a total face full of primer). I’m certain a deluxe sample (since you need just a tiny bit of product), will last me roughly enough for 20 makeup fabulousness !


When I think that I used to do one sample per usage, or I would leave it open and it would dry out on me (Bad, bad Ingrid) … I’m a big beauty spender but heck! I’m also very good with having the most for my hard-earned money ! So next time you order online, choice carefully. 😉

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Frugal Ingrid


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