I just came from my local Sephora store & I could not believe my eyes when I saw that they still had  20 of the Buxom Holiday set (Dolly’s HIGH ROLLER COLLECTION) at a discount price of less than 30$US. I know, online, it is sold out but maybe after you read my toughts about this set, you will run to your local store and grab it before it’s gone FOREVER 🙂

Alright girlfriends let’s just address the packaging right away and get it off our chest : the packaging is bulky, feel and look super cheap … A total miss!!  We will all agree on that; that’s not the palette that you will want to travel with or leave in your bathroom to impress visitors; but that packaging alone is the reason It’s so cheap right now because everything else in there is AMAZING!!! I feel really comfortable recommending it because I’ve played with this baby for weeks now and I’m even more in love with these products than when I bought them (strange but true) !

This PERFECT set contains:

♥ Hold The Line waterproof eyeliner in the black shade “Call Me”

This full-size eyeliner glides across your lids like butter, is waterproof and won’t smudge or budge. Love it!

♥ Blush “Dolly” (light mauve)

I am crazy in love with this blush!!! The texture is perfect, it lasts all day, and the colour is amazing. This Blush is SO pigmented!

♥ Luminizer “Bankroll” (light shimmery champagne)

Seriously, this luminizer makes my less-than-flawless skin look nearly perfect! Subtle but glowy at the same time…

♥ Hot Escapes Bronzer “Tahiti” (golden tan)

I’m a bronzer fanatic and this is the best bronzer I’ve ever purchased; by far!! This gives me the perfect summer glow and the coconut scent is an absolute dream!

♥ Eyeshadows “Cha-Ching”, “Strip Poker”, “Chocolate Diamonds” and “Royal Flush”

The best part about these eyeshadows is that there is no fallout from any of them (Yeahh!). They are NOT the most pigmented, but are perfect for my everyday look. I was a little bit disappointed at first but now I love them, go figure !!! “Cha-Ching” and “Chocolate Diamonds” are especially nice.

Note: A good eye primer is needed to achieve a perfect polish look!

♥ Double-Ended Full-on lip polish & lip cream “Dolly”

Buxom makes the best lip products ever, they smell dreamy, they feel amazing & the “Dolly” shades are the perfect pinkies/mauve.

Bottom line : A hidden gem ? Yessssss, absolutely.  Even more for the price $ ! I can see myself wearing every product even more in the upcoming spring & summer… This set is also perfect for a makeup newbie! A “diamond in the ruff” packaging 😉

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Ingrid xoxo


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