Frugal Dupe (almost) of the Day !


I was at the MAC store, wanting to buy “Creme Cup”(again), a lipstick that I had purchase a while ago but got lost God knows where (note from boyfriend: Surely lost in one of my MANY purses)! Anyway, I was reluctant to spend the 20$CND… So I search for a dupe of the famous “Creme Cup” &  found Maybelline’s Colour Whisper “Lust for Blush”… Soooo 2.50$ later (you read me right!), I was going home with my new lipstick.


Bottom Line:

It may not be a complete dupe, but It’s close enough for me. I really love the Color Whisper semi-sheer formula and still, it’s very buildable; it  does feel very creamy on the lips. The only difference that I can see is that “Lust for Blush” is a little bit shinier than MAC’s “Creme Cup”.

Note: It’s suppose to be also a dupe for Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Native”.

Very happy with my purchase (My wallet is happy too ;)) Worth buying?  ABSOLUTELY !!!

Thanks for stopping by


Ingrid xoxo


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