How to apply “Highlighters” on a Daily Basis !!!

Yes folks, I am professing my love for highlighters (again)!! You know the product that we use only on New Year’s Eve or on date night … Well! Not anymore! Highlighters are now in my everyday makeup routine!!! Alright, alright, I know a lot of you are raising your eyebrows thinking: “What? Highlighters on a day to day basis”? Applied the right way with the right amount, I think it really polish a look by adding that “oh! so subtil” glow on your cheekbones.

A couple of days ago, I watched “GossMakeupChat” highlight placement video on YouTube, and I think his technic is amazing, super easy to replicate and totally disco ball proof 😉 His method is so much better than the way I was applying my powder highlighters before. It’s a short 3 minute video that you will enjoy, that is, if you haven’t already watched it !!! (I’ve included it at the end of this post)


As you can see, the two fan brushes that I own are not the best; one is way to big (quite frankly, I have never use this brush ever) and the other one has the right size but the brisels are a little too thin (but it still works OK for now)! At this point, you must be so happy to have read this post, at least I am giving you a reason to use that weird brush that we all have but never use 🙂

Note: I think powder highlighters are easier to apply. Cream highlighter on the other hand are super nice but the texture makes it harder to control the right amount; applying too much makes it’s harder to correct afterward. Since getting my Dolly’s HIGH ROLLER Collection from Buxom, I’ve been using the luminizer “Bankroll” a lot and loving it.



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