Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Review –


Total love fest for this product!!! If like me, you are acne-prone with combination skin, you will love this product. you can see by this picture that the proof is in the empty.

What’s not to love :

♥ Super affordable (I paid 4.99$ CND at Walmart when it was on sale)

♥ Super light and long lasting – For me, it really makes my face shine-free for at least 5 hours.

♥ No “cakey” face unless you put a ton of product 😉 (No creasing either!)

♥ Perfect for setting the foundation or wear alone.

Note : The only down side is the packaging. Since the cover is kind of fragile (not sturdy) and like any pressed powder, high end or drugstore, you have to use your powder brush all over the product so you hit pan equally! From experience when you hit pan not long after, the rest of the product will break into pieces!

Bottom Line :

I Highly Recommend this powder for its long-lasting mattifying power. Of course, if you want a dewy finish or if you have dry skin, skip this powder altogether!

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Super Matte Ingrid xoxo


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