My Spring Beauty Wish List ….

Here is my wish list for the upcoming spring: 8 items only – I’m starting to be very good 😉 (Or I’m totally broke, or I have already too much)!!!


1. Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Palette

I wanted this palette since last year; I have such high expectations with this one that I might be disappointed when I finally buy it !!!

2. MAC 217 

I need a good blending brush. I don’t seem to find any affordable ones that are as good as this one seems to be!

3. Lorac Pro 2 Palette

Just following the hype I guess! When Sephora used to have Lorac, I really loved their products, this palette seems awesome and the pro1 or 2 are always in the top 5 of all my favourites beauty blogger or Youtubers! (The pro 2 just because it’s warmer)

4. Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Contour Palette

I need a good contour palette; the Kat Von D, the ABH or the Smashbox ??? ( Hummmm! Do I really need a contour palette?)

5. Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette

I’ve been swatching this one like crazy at my local drugstore and I just think this palette is just breathtaking. Lately, I’ve been discovering cream blushes and loving them very much. I’m so weird right now, I start to like products or shades that I didn’t really care for at all before !!! I already own the shade Peony from Stila and I’m super impress with this product.

6. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

Favorite product of 2015 so far; I got a sample of this BB cream and It’s been love at first sight. It doesn’t break me out and my skin looks flawless (and protected with the SPF 45). This cream is perfect for my fair skin.

7. Comptoir Sud Pacifique – Vanille Coco

Not really beauty-related but each time I go to Sephora, I spay myself all over with this perfume. It’s smell HEAVENLY  (Summer in a bottle)!!!  At Sephora, they start to look at me funny, but heck I need to be sure ;))

8. Mac Warm Palette

OK! Let’s face it, I have a ton of palette but they all gravite around really bright shimmery colours for the most part. So I really need a neutral warm palette and I think this one from MAC comes with a good value for 15 eyeshadows!!! Anyone have this palette???

So there you have it… What’s yours ?

Thanks for stopping by


Ingrid xoxo (Who need a second job! :))


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