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Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm -Review –


Last week, I went a little crazy on the Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm ! When I saw them at the reduced price of 2.50$CND a pop at Target (regular price is 8.99$CND), I got six of them … In fact, I got so excited that I bought 2 of the same shade (Me and bargains = going a little coo coo !). I’ve noticed a lot of discounted items at the drugstore because all the big names out there are launching either new shades or new formulas for the upcoming summer; so it’s time to stock up girls (and boys, we never know!)


So, on to those hybrid lip stains/lip glosses that Maybelline calls Color Elixir. They provide “the color of a lipstick, the moisture of a balm, and the shine of a gloss.” And indeed, it does all that!

The Good :

♥ Super affordable.

♥ Color Elixir is currently available in 20 different shades, and the range includes everything from nude peaches to bold berry red and purples.

♥ The wet shine finish does not have any shimmer or glitter.

♥ Super comfortable to wear. (No tacky feeling at all, for those of you allergic to sticky gloss!)

♥ Longer wearing than a regular lip gloss and it provides a little gorgeous stain effect. (After eating or drinking, you do need to reapply like any other gloss out there, even those high end 30$ lip gloss! YSL don’t get offended, I was not JUST thinking of you!)

♥ They have a slight vanilla – creme brûlée fragrance that is quite delicious!

♥ The formula is SUPER moisturizing; I’m not kidding, they are so good for my -27 degree dry lips!

♥ The doffed applicator is excellent – it applies evenly and oh! so smoothly on the lips.

♥ They are not prone to bleeding, smudging or smearing! (Yay!!!)

♥ On top of a matte lipstick, it’s quite stunning.

The Bad :

♥ Nothing, niet, none, nada … 😉


From left to right: Celestial Coral(010),Caviar Couture(050),Glistening Amber(055),Vision in Violet 040) & Mandarin Rapture (015)

Bottom line :

I spend 15$CND for six (I’m kind of giggly about that fact!). Trust me on this, these are AMAZING – the Bomb.com-Superb ! I could go on and on and on ,about the Color Elixir … Overall, as you can see, I do think they’re fantastic 🙂 I just love my kissable lips right now (Did I just say – I meant write – this out loud !!!)

Thanks for stopping by


Glossy Ingrid xoxo


8 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm -Review –

  1. I’m not much of a lippy gal, but these sound amazing! Those swatches really look like they pay off well : ) That Caviar Couture (050) looks real pretty. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good Morning !
      I got them at Target; I’ve also seen these at the same price at my local drugstores !!!
      (Maybelline is probably discontinuing those shades???)
      I hope you find them 🙂
      Ingrid XOXO


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