Frugal “Contour” Tip of the Day!


We all know that the “buzz” right now is all those contour palettes; each brand is coming with their own version! Not wanting to miss a beat, I’ve been eyeing the Kat Von D contour palette for a while now. It’s like suddenly I needed to sculpt my face like crazy 😉 The thing is, those come with a pretty little price attached to them, and realistically, on a day to day basis, how much do we contour???

Anyway, last week, I was at the Mac store looking for my warm Neutral Palette with no luck (online only!), but the girl was so nice, we started talking about contouring and she dimestified the fact that she has been using concealer and foundation to contour her client for years (No wonder we see a lot more palettes that have a creamy texture)!! So, frugal me went into beauty stores looking at the last chance, clearance and liquidation sections to find darker concealer and foundation to do my contour, and less than 9$CND later, with two foundations and one concealer, I headed home to test the new technique… Seriously, apply with a concealer brush under the cheek bones and blending with your wet sponge (beauty Blender or dupes), it definitely looks amazing and very natural!


The point of this post is that first, unless money is no object, wait to buy a contour palette and second, you should try my frugal way: always look at those discounted racks and think outside the box. You will, most of the time, find hidden gem like my 6$CND Becca foundation in sand 🙂


(I mix and match, for my perfect “winter”contour shade)

I know it must sound like a strange post with me rambling about contouring and strongly suggesting you consider the clearance section! As for the pro tip when you will try it, it will make sense for your wallet and for those cheeks bones that you thought you never had! Anyway, we all know that I buy a lot of beauty products, a lot more than I should (my boyfriend knows!!) ; but I always am the happiest when I find a good bargain. Sometimes, a face powder or a bronzer becomes the perfect eyeshadow but who cares …

Tip: Psssst!! If powder is more your thing, NYX blush in Taupe is supposedly the best kept secret in the contour world that the big brands don’t want you to know.🙊



Thanks for stopping by my Beauties


Ingrid xoxo


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