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Drugstore’s Tuesday : Products I Regret Buying Edition! 👎

Let’s face it, all beauty products are not created equals and some, unfortunately, simply don’t work; It’s just my opinion, my personnel experience. Since everybody is different, you may like them…(Not really, but just saying!)

e.l.f Professional Total Face Brush


I may have just paid 1$CND for it, but trust me, it was way too much since I will throw this one away. Too harsh, the bristles fall out, it’s not even good to apply my bronzer on my neck … I love you e.l.f but this one is AWFUL!!!

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow


A lot of people seems to like them, but for me, these shadows apply really patchy and that makes it almost impossible to blend them together. Revlon claims that they are crease-free but sadly, they do crease and transfer a lot on me. As you can see on my picture, I really did try this quad a lot with no success! I’m sad because I think the shades are superb…

Revlon Photoready Concealer


When you first apply this concealer, it really blends well and has a great pigmented formula. It’ll definitely hide any dark circles, hide fine lines, and pretty much conceal all your little flaws BUT…, during the day (I should say the morning!) it will crease like crazy and it will look very, VERY cakey, particularly if you suffer from dry skin or wrinkly eyes. A big no-no for me since it looks so unnatural.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Rich Balm #118 Pink Satin


This one is more tricky since I’m crazy about the caramel/cotton candy smell. I love the baby pink shade; it applies super smooth on my lips, very buttery and moisturizing BUT … the pigmentation is not there at all and it’s really a sheer consistency; I know it’s a balm but still, I have to reapply every 20 minutes! (I’m not even exaggerating!) I will use it up, but would not repurchase since there is better drugstore choices out there.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eye Shadow # 524 Stacked Heels


Not a fan what can I say; complimenting shades for my green eyes that’s about it. In the pan, these colors looked very pigmented and quite lovely, but that didn’t transfer when I try to apply them; I have to built up and super pack them for these shades to even show on my PRIMED lids properly and what’s worse, is that they totally disappear throughout the day, again.. even with a really good primer. They either crease like crazy or just flat out disappear every single time!!! I cannot stand this formula and don’t get me started on the fallout …

Ardell LashGrip Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive


In 3+ words : Smelly, runny & so long to dry! A product that goes RIGHT next to your eye should not smell, burn and itch if it gets a bit in your eyes. Not only does it burn/itch, but it also flakes and clumps your real lashes together at the base, making the removing step almost painful . That is, if it actually stays on that long. Sorry Ardell but I still love your false eyelashes a lot …

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Sad Ingrid xoxo


12 thoughts on “Drugstore’s Tuesday : Products I Regret Buying Edition! 👎

    1. Thanks for asking Rob! Well… I’ve hit a ruff patch lately with the diet & exercise … Lack of sleep, no energy. I need to take my health very seriously and makes some change !!!
      I hope you are doing ok! I love the new name 🌟☀️🌟

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      1. Everything is fine! I visit your makeup blog to check in on you, but I’m at a loss to add anything meaningful here. Now, at least on your diet blog, I can rant about how poorly I’m doing!

        I hope all is well…

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  1. I have tried the cheap makeup brushes and am always disappointed! there are just some things that warrant some extra spending


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