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My Hot Trend for 2015 : Cream Blushes 💖

Unbelievable! I just wrote my title « Hot trend and cream blushes” together; 2 months ago, somebody would have asked me what was the beauty product that I hated the most and it probably would have been : CREAM BLUSHES !!!

The last time I really tried them, it must have been 10 years ago, and it looked so greasy, so patchy … I looked like a cartoon caractere for Pete sake. What have change you’ll ask me? Well for one, the formulas are not the same at all and I discovered a 4$CND brush from e.l.f. that change everything for me … I’m now obsess, yes OBSESS !!!

Why I hated it :

♥ I used to apply cream blushes with my fingers and let’s face it, it looked very patchy and uneven.

♥ Even a regular blush brush was awful, It would remove my foundation while blending the creamy cheek product; the result was very patchy again…

♥ The formula, even the high-end one, made me look like I’ve pass the day in front of a fryer (It was even sticky for the first 3 hours)

But now …

One day, I bought the small e.l.f. staple brush and there it was: the end of my misery with the infamous cream blushes. Just a little dipping in the product and you swirl it over your cream foundation (I don’t think it would look nice over powder foundation – powder with powder and cream with cream- !!!)…. As a rule of thumbs, it’s better to build the intensity you want by adding some more product, a little goes such a long way! I swear, it does make my face glow like crazy (I told you I’m obsess)!!! I definitely play with them even by adding powder blush on top, for an added pizzazz!


The products that I’ve been totally crazy about: 


Stila, Stila, Stila …

I’ve been cursed by my Stila Convertible Color dual lip and cheek cream in peony; what a fabulous product. It’s not oily nor sticky… It’s perfect! The only problem is that I now need every single shades in the collection!!!



I’ve never ever been disappointed by any Becca product that I have used and their cream blush (mine in Terracotta) is no different; it’s the most buttery cream blush I have tried. Simply Amazing!!!


I have their multiple in South Beach and this one too is stunning. The formula is unbelievable since it dries almost instantly like a powder.

Other formula to consider if you have very dry skin (ONLY!)

Tarte cheek stain and Josie Maran lip and cheek creamy oil also offers their version but I find them to sticky on my cheeks. They don’t dry properly on me and that makes all the following steps (finishing powders, bronzers and illuminators) look patchy !!!

So girlfriends, give a chance to cream blushes and let magic happen…

Thanks for Stopping by


Creamy Ingrid xoxo


9 thoughts on “My Hot Trend for 2015 : Cream Blushes 💖

  1. It takes some time to adjust to cream blushes but they can be amazing, especially in the winter when you steer away from as much powder as you can. I have been loving the Sephora brand cream blush in ‘Golden Spice’. It’s a really beautiful natural tint with a hint of gold that looks beautiful in the sun! The price range for those products are pretty reasonable too


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