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Frugal Buy of the Day (the week possibly the year😉) : Stila Palettes on sale!


Recently, I’ve notice that the older Stila Palettes were on sale EVERYWHERE!  So having in mind the good reviews I have read or watched over time, made me buy 3 of them (yes! I know I am very impulsive and uncontrollable when I see a bargain), the “in the garden”, “in the know” & “in the light” eye shadow palettes. Most of you are well aware of these and you probably already own one or several of them; but for me personally, since I rarely spent 50$+CND on one palette with the exceptions of the chocolate bar palettes and yes! I’ll be there when they release their dark chocolate fall palette (It has to be that! Is in it? chocolate,semi-sweet and since white chocolate is technically not a chocolate, it has to be dark chocolate). Ok, where was I? So since last time I checked, money still doesn’t grow on trees around my apartment, I do have to make some choices … BUT at less than 20$CND per palette they are a STEAL. Seriously, that quality doesn’t come often at this price. Of course the new Stila palettes has a cuter package I guess, but they also come with a 64$CND price tag!!!




Why you have to grab them before it’s too late :

♥ El cheapo price for what you get (10 eye shadows + a full sized eye liner).

♥ A ton of YouTube tutorials that you can use for inspiration + each palette comes with a how-to booklet that explains step-by-step how to achieve different looks (a total of 6 looks).

♥ The formulas are close to perfection. They are smooth, creamy, very pigmented, and there is no fallout; they also come in a quite sturdy cardboard packaging (probably not the best travel friendly though!).

♥ The waterproof eye liner that comes with every palette is ultra long wearing and easy to use.

♥ Because we never have enough palette (Oups, this one was just for me because I needed a reason for the amounts of palettes I own)!!!

I have been using these palettes non stop for the last 2 weeks and they are to die for (duh! not really because you wouldn’t be able to use them anymore…) “in the garden” really has a spring flair to it with unique shades, “in the know” is an all matte palette and “in the light”, which is my favorite out of the three, is worth all the hype since I think this one is probably the best all-rounder.
They are effortless palettes if you know what I mean, very beginners friendly and yet the possibilities are endless for the pros that we are.😛 To sum it up, I am wowed by them!

Note: The only one I don’t own from that collection is “in the moment”, I may end up grabbing this one too. (I told you I have an eye shadows palettes addiction!



If you need a good palette grab one of these because soon, they will be gone forever! 😉

Hope it’s Helpful my Beauties


Always Frugal Ingrid xoxo


8 thoughts on “Frugal Buy of the Day (the week possibly the year😉) : Stila Palettes on sale!

  1. … I have to resist -___- I just ordered the Revealed 1 & 2!! aaaand Too Faced should definitely make a “white chocolate” bar. Hey! it’s another kind of palette to buy, right? xD but I can’t wait for dark chocolate if ever they release one, although I didn’t buy the semi sweet.


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