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Cargo Cosmetics

Since I see a lot more publicity, promotions and YouTubers about Cargo cosmetics, I’ve decided to do a quick review about some of their products …

I bought the “Suited to a Tea” colour palette & “A Vintage Escape” set at the same time when they were on promotion. The packaging is what sold me on these items. Seriously, the palette is the cutest ever, I think I was smiling the whole way home while thinking of all the possibilities I would create with these cream-based eye shadows but (poua poua poua!) my euphoria went away when I actually tried them for the first time…


The Good :

♥ The best packaging… macaroons, cupcakes, tea cups, do I have to say more?

♥ The shades are to die for, super rich and vibrant LOOKING eye shadows.

♥ Even the name of each colour is so lovely with the tea party theme.

♥ Cargo Cosmetics is cruelty-free.

That being said the love fest ends there…


The NOT so Good (the UGLY in fact):

♥ Pricey 56$CND (39$US)

♥ The colors are beautiful and swatch great but, they do not apply well at all, and the pigmentation is awful they all are very sheer. (It barely shows after 5 coats)

♥ They crease on me like crazy even with my trusted Smashbox eye shadow primer.

♥ Unblendable, period.

♥ No staying power whatsoever .

♥ If it was not enough, the brush broke after the first use. (So, cheap brush!)


Bottom Line :

A total miss for me!!! Sorry Cargo, one of the worst palette I ever bought and unfortunately the cutest. How sad !!!! So my dear friends SKIP this one. I really wish I could have returned it!


So lucky me, now I had the “A Vintage Escape” set to try, thank god these products are a little better…

On their website, Cargo still sell this set for 85$US (ouch!!!) but I’ve seen it for 32$US or less. What’s included:


Essential Lip Color – in Dubai

An OK lipstick formula but the colour is quite an odd darker brick toned peach! Goes on smoothly but still, just Ok!

♥♥♥ Eyeshadow Single – in Yukon ♥♥♥

(Just picture me do a standing ovation for this one)… I am crazy about this eye shadow, perfection in a cute little pan. Apply like a charm, blend like no other, doesn’t crease, is long wearing and (I dare to say) it’s the best taupe ashy shade I own !!! Where have you been all my life.

Water Resistant Blush – in Bali

Again, an Ok blush who is REALLY water resistant but still, nothing standing out for me. Just a nice cool ordinary matte pink…

TexasLash mascara

Clumpy, flaky, no volume … do I have to say more!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it !!!

Picture Perfect lip primer

Not a bad product I guess, but I did not notice any difference in how my lipsticks or lipglosses looked or stayed on my lips with this primer.


Well, as you can see the Yukon eye shadow is the star of this kit. I’m totally in love with this one but the rest honestly, I don’t see myself reaching out often for the them (If never again). Am I too harsh??? I don’t think so. Am I likely to buy any Cargo Cosmetics anytime soon??? I don’t think so. To be fair, I heard great reviews about their regular (not cream based) eye shadow palettes and that makes sense since the formula is AMAZING… Sorry Cargo, overall you did not impress me and you know what, the first impression is quite important as we all know!!!

Thanks for Stopping by Beauties


Ingrid xoxo


11 thoughts on “Cargo Cosmetics

  1. Awe what a shame 😦 I reviewed the Shanghai palette and wasn’t impressed but neither was I THIS disappointed. Originally I wanted the super cute macaroon and tea cup ridden palette you just reviewed but after reading that the shadows were cream (I hate cream products) and didn’t apply well I passed and I’m super glad I did. Can you return!? Do it if you can!


      1. Ugh, that soooo sucks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still sell it online as gently used. Try ebay or search for a blog sale or something!


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