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NYC Expert Last Lip Color -Review-

Confession time!

I had this lipstick for two months and never felt the urge to try it. To make matter worse, I bought it just for a review purpose and because it was less than 2$CND … So 2 bucks, no expectation, a company that I know nothing about!! In fact in most drugstores, this company displays are always at the end of the makeup alley and let’s face it, it’s not the most attractive packaging ever. Last week I was thinking about my next drugstore’s tuesday post and I though of this lip color to test for a couple of days.

Not to jump the wagon but if you asked me right now to choose one lipstick for spring … (Drumroll!!!!) It would be this one! What? Say again? And that from the girl who is ashamed (not really) to say that she owns close to 100 lip products! I got the # 446 Smooch, a nice nude pinkish shade with a hint of coral…


The Oh! so very Good:

♥ Unbeatable price (Less than 2$)!

♥ Quite a pleasant fruity/candy smell.

♥ Surprising pigmentation, really creamy and moisturizing.

♥ Make my lips feel super hydrated without being sticky or tacky, and the color seriously lasts for hours.

♥ No bleeding even without a lip liner and no feathering around the inside lip line (I don’t know how you call this part but you get the picture) !!

♥ When the color does start to fade, it fades evenly (This is so rare! -round of applause-)

♥ Nice satin finish.

♥ NYC do NOT test on animals (from the Paula’s choice list)

The Not so Good:

Let me think hard! Still thinking! I’ve got to find something! … Nope, NOTHING !!!

What the company claims the benefits are:

Wears up to 6 hours × (No more than 3 hours, for me it’s still super good)!
Long lasting shine
Amplified color
Velvety and glamorous finish
Doesn’t feather or bleed



Bottom Line :

I cannot wait to try the other shades; what a great find! Since I’m a glossy kinda girl, I always add my Buxom White Russian on top. Ok! The cap may not be super steardy if running around in my purse, I may end up with a lipstick fiasco one day if I’m not careful, but other than that I’m a huge fan. This product beats a whole lot of high end brands (I shall say their names one of these days)!!! You start to know me my beauties, I say it like it is: crapy is crapy and awesome is awesome, that’s just the way I rock!

At less than 2$ you have nothing to loose but to be impress too ! NYC totally caught me off guard with this one, I can’t praise this lipstick enough!

Thanks for Stopping by


Ingrid xoxo


13 thoughts on “NYC Expert Last Lip Color -Review-

    1. No I haven’t, but this “Smooch” color is so pretty and the price 1,77$CND is even “prettier” !!! It’s a no brainer, you need to try it 🙂


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