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NYX Love in Paris palette in “Merci Beaucoup” – Review –


With Target unfortunately closing all their stores in Canada (after just 2 years 😥), I grabbed what I thought could be fun from NYX, Sonia Kashuk and my beloved e.l.f … well what was left on the shelf; not much actually!!!

When I saw the NYX palette Love in Paris in “Merci Beaucoup”, I was sold on the warm tones (awwww!), the lovely peach and cranberry shades, … I could see endless possibilities; could it be possible that I found a drugstore palette that I love? Could it be? Could it ??? NOPE

The Good :

♥ You all know that I’m a sucker for cute girly packaging and NYX delivered with this one; just take a look at the lid shaped like a bow! ADORABLE🎀 (The plastic transparent case is very sturdy so it won’t break that easy).

♥ Every shade in this palette is easily wearable and you can create either a day or night look using it.

♥ I paid around 10$CND for it but my US girls can have it for less than 6$US when on sale (or BOGO), so very affordable!

♥ There’s a good mix of mattes (3) and shimmers (6) shades that coordinate nicely with one another.

♥ This palette is Cruelty-Free (like all NYX products)

♥ I had very little fallout using it.


The NOT so Good :

The pigmentation or should I say the lack of, is very disappointing. Most of the shades need to be built up a lot (3 coats in my case) so they can look exactly like in the palette.

♥ Without a good primer, the product will disappear after a very short period (2 hours max)!

♥ The colours don’t blend well at all; it’s so frustrated to pass 15 minutes applying a couple of shades and ending up with what looks like a unique colour !!!


Bottom line :

I love NYX, especially their lip products and God knows I’ve seen worst palettes, but I cannot recommend this one!  I’ve tried it for a whole week and everyday was like I almost wasn’t wearing any eye makeup at all. In fact, it really was all messy and barely noticeable! The only way to make this palette works a little bit better is to put NYX jumbo pencil in “Milk” all over the  mobile lid and just apply one or two shades max.

Since we are all different, you can still try this one since the cost is on the cheaper side and maybe you will love it! I don’t like to compare but I paid 10$ for Love in Paris in “Merci Beaucoup” and 19$ for the Stila “In the light” palette and for 9$ more, I have what I would consider one of my top 5 (if not my top 1) all time favourite eyeshadow palette, just saying!!!!

Since I bought this one on finale sale, I will mainly use it when I just want a really simple look using one shade and an eyeliner … quite frankly, that’s saying I won’t ever use it again! 😉

True story : Upon my first application, the beard man AKA my better half said and I quote : ” It’s rare that you don’t put on eye makeup!”, and that, after I spent 15 minutes trying to do a full smoky nude eye using this palette!😞

Disclaimer: I pay for my stuff !!!

Thanks for Reading


Ingrid xoxo


4 thoughts on “NYX Love in Paris palette in “Merci Beaucoup” – Review –

  1. Awe what a shame. I’ve never tried NYX shadows but this seems to be a trend 😦 Are you able to return it even though the store is closing!? Your true story is sad too, aweeee 😦 I guess brands can’t be good at everything. Does NYX still ship to Canada?


    1. Nope! No return because of the final sale 😦 With the fees & our poor canadian dollar being lower than ever it would to expensive 😦 It’s sad because I love NYX products so much in general! Thanks for your feedback Kaily xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awe man 😦 Well I guess you could always save it and try a blog sale then! Ok so this may sound silly but I’ve never been to Canada so I’m wondering what it’s like to be Canadian? Does that sound stupid? It seems like Canada has a lot of the same things America has… besides Target :-P. Too soon?


      2. Being Canadian sucks !!! 😉 Ok! probably not that much … I live in the Est part of Canada (french section) where nature is wonderful, it’s a very safe place to live (almost no criminality) and it’s true that we are alike BUT in my province we have to pay 16% taxes on everything we buy and at the end of the year it’s 50% of my salary that goes to the government !!! (This is the sucks part big time) and we have 6 months of winter (-25 today) … Everybody I know, would prefer to live in the USA or Ontario or Alberta! My in-laws are living 6 months per year in Florida (snowbirds) and they almost cry when they have to come back in may!!! It could be worst I guess … Think Kaily! no Ulta, nobody wants to ship to us, now no target … I live in a beauty blogger nightmare!!! 😜 For a vacation you would probably like it 🙂 Have a great weekend xoxo


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