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Swatching an eyeshadow palette for 10 minutes : WEIRD! 😁


(I couldn’t find better pictures!!!)

Blinc, a company that I know nothing (or little) about, has just made me stand in front of a display in the tiniest drugstore located in front of my apartment ! The oh! so nice but very old woman at the counter was looking very strangely at me while I was swatching and swatching again the Blinc “Shadow Fusion” first palette (I learned afterward)! I kept saying:”What a Beauty! How Pretty!”(In french of course) 😄 and the woman still, was looking at me awkwardly. Truly, she must have never seen as much enthusiasm for a makeup product before…

Awwww! This baby is so stunning, a really beautiful “natural” palette that is far from some too shimmery palettes out there that we own and not use … The packaging feels like the Too Faced “Chocolate Bar » palette!

The company claims on their website that the eyeshadows in this VEGAN palette combine the best attributes of liquid, powder & cream shadows” all in one.

I’m asking you, my palette girls, if you have tried this palette? Are you as excited? Am I crazy ? (Crazy about makeup for sure!)

Thanks my beauties


Palette addict Ingrid xoxo


7 thoughts on “Swatching an eyeshadow palette for 10 minutes : WEIRD! 😁

  1. Wow $60 is a lot but it sounds so nice. I’ve never even heard of this brand either. The lady was probably staring you down so she wouldn’t lose the sale. That’s why I like shopping online. It’s a shame you can’t find reviews though. I say wait a few weeks and keep looking for reviews 🙂


    1. Blinc are specializing in mascara but just released their first vegan palette and in person it’s a beauty … but $$$$
      I’ve just look at the Revealed 2 and it’s 24,99$ + shipping in Canada 😦 Could you tell me when it’s 3 for 30$, I will try sending it to my in-laws using my credit card 👍 + The Balm Jovi and the Lorac and… My mother in law is going to freak, she already think I’m weird buying that much makeup!!!😁


  2. Never heard of it, but I love swatching and leaving with an arm full of swatches. I just have to it’s like a ritual for me. Unfortunately I have never heard of this company before, I’ll have to research it.


    1. I’m telling you this one looks very good, althought kind of pricey 60$CND 😦 You can see me too with the arms full of swatches all the time !!! Have a great weekend xoxo

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  3. I found it strange for people in store just looking at me whilst I swatch plenty of products! It’s like, isn’t that what ‘testers’ are for?!? Swatching the products on the back of my hand?! Haha great post. I wonder what was going through that woman’s mind!! The packaging looks sleek 🙂


    1. Oufff! I’m not alone 🙂 This palette looks AMAZING if you like neutral eyeshadows that is … That poor woman didn’t seem to have a clue about this palette either! SO FUNNY xoxo

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      1. Oh dear! Haha. That poor woman was definitely missing out then! I think she needs to take advantage to swatch makeup products ;D

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