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Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks – review –



As you can see, I love the Maybelline Color Sensational line; well I should say that I am madly in love with the pinks and the nude ones as always (Funny fact : I do own a lot of red lip products; they came mostly in sets but you will NEVER see me wearing them; for some reasons, I look awful with red lipstick) !!!

Not that long ago, drugstore’s lipsticks were, well how should I say : AWFUL! They had a bad smell and taste, the colour payoff was absent, and at that time, a waste of money … Those days are long gone and companies have come a long way with their lip products, and now, there are some fabulous ones out there and personally Maybelline Color Sensational is right there at the top and for good reasons…


The Good (Amazing, Wonderful, Perfect) :

♥ Beautiful variety of shades and finitions: mattes, nudes, very vibrant you name it, they have it! (You obtain almost an opaque finish in just a single swipe)

♥ Super affordable (Look for specials as they occur all the time)

♥ The right amount of creaminess; I mean it’s creamy with a moisture substance that keeps lips feeling soft (You know what I mean)

♥ Long lasting and fade gracefully.

♥ Personally I don’t need to apply a lip liner prior because it neither bleeds/feathers nor it settles down in my fine lip lines.

The Not so good :

♥ Like 95% of the lipsticks I own, you do have to reapply after eating and/or heavy drinking! (So keep the tube with you for touch ups)

Bottom Line :

Shades for every season or every mood, amazing formulation, very sleek packaging and that, with a drugstore price tag. For all those reasons, I can say loud and clear that I Loved Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick. Do I recommend it? Dah! Yessssss.


Pssssst. I have a lot of high end brands that are looking pale in comparison… really really pale !!!

Note: This review is just about the Buffs, Vivids & Creamy Mattes Color Sensational line, I still need to try their fairly new Rebel Bloom! The pinks ones in the pictures are in the shades : Pink Pop, Fuchsia Flash & Hot Plum 


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    1. Thank you so much … Great tip (for water and juice 👍), the problem is that I’m a coffee addict (big time) and with a straw that would look strange in front of my coworkers 😉 Thanks for your comment xoxo

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