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My Spring 2015 Beauty Wish List – UPDATE – !!!

In french (think you have it too), we have a saying that goes like this : “Only fools don’t change their minds !” I’ve been decluttering a lot lately, by that I mean I bought a lot of makeup storages and now, I know exactly what I have (way to much) and what I need (nothing really – that last part is not all true). I’ll explain during my rambling of the why, what and when !!! (Always remember that I’m french canadian so I’m allowed to say bizarre sentences!!!)😜

Here is the pictures of my original and update post for my SPRING WISH LIST 2015:



1. Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Palette

I’m waiting for Sephora’s spring 15% VIB sale that will be held in april to put this baby in my basket!

2. Mac 217

I just ordered some Bdellium brushes from a new website (to me at least) that offers these to us, always forgotten canadians. I believe in affordable brushes like my Real Techniques and I heard a lot of good things about this brand! I’ll keep you posted on this new website and the new brushes. So NO Mac 217 for now!

3. Lorac Pro 2 palette

My in-laws are now spending their winters in beautiful Florida (they are so lucky), so I’ll asked them to buy this one for me before their return in May.

4. Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Contour Palette

Well, I’m kind of over “the contour palette phase” right now. Don’t get me wrong, I do contour my face everytime I do my makeup (It makes such a big difference), but while decluttering, I started to play a lot more with Hoola from Benefit and loving it so much that I think I don’t need a palette, maybe just a good highlighting powder … Here comes my future Hourglass palette.💗

Note: If anything, I might end up with the upcoming new ALL MATTE “Shade + Light Eye Contour palette” from Kat Von D yesssss!


5. Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual lip & Cheek Palette

This one will be in my Sephora basket too; I don’t need it at all and it’s quite expensive, yadi yata, but I love this formula so much. I can see myself using a lot of these strikingly BEAUTIFUL cream blushes, particularly during summer when I do want a more dewy finish!

6. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

I’m over the moon with this one … Two things: first this BB cream makes my face look healthy and makes all my skin flaws almost disapear, and second I feel protected from sun exposure with the 45 SPF factor!

7. Comptoir Sud Pacifique -Vanille CoCo

I have to finish the 6 bottles of “already started good and not so good” perfumes before I buy this one again and again for the rest of my life … (Big sad face on this one)😥

8. Mac Warm Palette

So long MAC warm palette and come to me Matte eyeshadows palettes either the Tartelette (yes! you heard me, I don’t hate Tarte eyeshadows anymore!) or the new Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette coming soon at Ulta (in-laws again I guess). I have too many shimmery eyeshadows palettes that don’t necessarily agrees with my hooded eyes. I bought the Stila “In The Know” palette that I adore but I want another palette with different matte warmer shades and with some pink undertones maybe!

The New Stuff that I want :

The Blinc “A Fusion of Elements” eyeshadow palette; it is so stunning, for my taste anyway. Very neutral, very me!!!

The FLOWER beauty  Win Some, Rouge Some Crème Blush in the shade “TT2” (I think) . I just started to have my usual pink obsessions with the first signs of spring! (happy dance). When I watched Tara from Tarababyz do her recent drugstores haul, I fell in love with that baby pink blush, and truly I have nothing like this in my collection. If you want to see all the new makeup (mainly high-end stuff) out there, you should subscribe to Tara’s channel; this girl buys a TON of makeup (like thousands of $$$) but still manages to be very sympatical and genuine. She is living on a ranch and is part owner of a truck kind of company with her family; she is a serious shopper I’m telling you !!!

I’ve link the video in question.

Sephora’s favorite “Sun Safety Kit” is always a must each year. Superb value set!

Let’s face it, I wish I could buy a lot more things but I need to start accumulating my money for next Christmas when it’s the best time of the year to stock up on all the BEST goodies !!!🎄

Thanks for Stopping by


Ingrid with “Spring Fever”


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