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L’Oréal Infallible Lacquer Liner – Review –


I wish I could totally rock a superb winged eyeliner but I was born with hooded eyes and sadly, these two don’t go hand in hand; it’s not impossible but it’s not the most flattering and easy thing to achieve… That being said, I bought this lacquer liner a long time ago, mainly to put on my top inner rim (using the brush handle) or just apply the tinniest eyeliner to add dimension or structure to my eyeshadow look!

I’ve just started using it again a couple of weeks ago, and amazingly, that stuff hasn’t dried at all (Yay!) I bought mine in the shade Blackest Black!

What L’Oréal claims on their website:

A revolution in liner technology: gel-lacquer intensity for 24-hour eye perfection. Infallible Lacquer Liner provides 24 hours of flawless, fade-free gel-colour with a unique lacquered finish. The included smooth-glide brush gives professional control to customize your look. So intense, so infallible – from dawn to dusk.


The Good :

♥ Great MATTE hyper pigmented (🎶Angels singing🎶) CREAMY formula.

♥ Affordable, since it’s drugstore, you can easily find this one on sale and definitely will last you for a long,long time (0.081oz).

♥ The brush is quite good; it has soft/stiff bristles that are small enough to create a thinner or thicker line.

♥ No flaking. No smudging. No tugging

♥ Very cute little glass jar packaging.

♥ I live in Canada do I have to say more … ❄️Snow Proof √ 

The NOT so Good:

♥ Not a big problem for me personally, but the formula takes a few minutes to completely dry (more than 5 minutes in my experience).

♥ Again for me not a deal breaker but it doesn’t stay on for 24 hours as stated (not that I tried anyway), but I would need to retouch a little bit after 8 hours or so if I needed to do a nighttime look. (pssst! It will never happen since I’m in bed at 8:00, a real party girl this Ingrid – NOT!)

♥ You will need a very good eye makeup remover; do no even think about using soap and water on this one !


Bottom Line :

I really enjoy this product, even though I’m not wearing eyeliner on a daily basis due to my ancestor (aka my mother) with whom  I share the same eye shape. Still, I LOVE the fact that even after one year, the product is still as creamy and wonderful (not cakey whatsoever). How frustrating is it to open a dry up product! Nope this one is looking as fresh as ever. I also love the fact that it has a true matte finish and that being a drugstore product, you WILL find it all over the globe on special at around 8$ or less.

The formula exceeded my expectations, and for that I don’t see any reason to ever buy a high-end brand lacquer! Yesss! saving my bucks for my eyeshadow palettes addiction!

Note: If you have black eyebrows, I would try this one to fill them (Why not coconut!!!) If you do try it? Let me know…

So (drumroll) my “Heart” Rate :


* I gave 4.5 instead of 5/5 just because it takes longer to dry!

Thanks for Stopping by


“River Dance” Ingrid xoxo


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