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Frugal: (Almost Stingy) Makeup Tip🙊


Ok girlfriends, I know this one is a little bit out there! It is kind of stingy, some of you will say: “really Ingrid” BUT a lot of you, without ever admitting it, will, in the future, do exactly the same with shame, of course 😉

The first time I did it, was one day after I just squeezed the hell out of my latest foundation tube! I realized that I didn’t have enough product for a full face, I had no backup (that is rare) and I was going out for lunch (I almost started crying – exaggerating a little bit here) and then you know what they say: “Desperate time calls for desperate measures” … So here is what I did then: I cutted the tub in half with my scissors to try in despair to recuperate a little bit of foundation to finish my face … And OMG, I realized that there was a LOT of product still in there (I mean A LOT seriously). I finished my makeup, singing my lungs out of happiness, and had a great lunch looking way more fabulous than going half-face done.😄


Anyway, since that episode, at the end of each tube of foundation, concealer or primer (remember the frugal title), I cut the end of the tube (a little bit at a time), take what I need and then put a piece of saran wrap on top to keep the freshness (using a hair elastique to hold it) and the next day I cut a little bit more and repeat till there is no more product!!!

If you are still reading this post, that means I didn’t scare you. You’ll be happy to know that on average, I have 5 more full face applications. Crazy right!?! I know!!!! I feel that you are getting this tip more and more at this point. Why not!!! Since we all know that foundations are not cheap, even drugstore ones are now selling for 15$CND, so almost a week more of use is great.


Note: Since the tube is open, I suggest that you use the product in the next week if you don’t want a dried up texture…

Thanks for Stopping by


Ingrid xoxo


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