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New MAKEUP goodies that just arrived at my doorstep !!!💛


You know by now that living in Canada, it’s very hard (and very frustrating) to find companies shipping to us and if they do, most of the times, it comes with a hefty prices 😦 Anyway long story short, I wanted so badly to find a Bdellium brush that I searched like crazy and stumble on this website called: ftb BEAUTY. I was so happy that they carry the # 787 Dbellium brush that I was looking for, and on top of it, that company based in Toronto offers free shipping when you purchase over 50$CND ! YAY!!! Double YAY!

Result (and I’m not kidding): After just 3 days, I’ve received my online order !!! Unbelievable – the fastest free shipping I’ve ever got in my life !!! A++++ Everything was nicely wrapped, all the items were there … You can guess that I’m very very happy to have find this website. If you are Canadian, go and check them out; they are carrying among others Bdellium tools, BH Cosmetics,Sigma, barry M, Real Techniques, LA Girl, Milani etc.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ftb BEAUTY in ANY way; in fact they don’t know who I am (except maybe the person who took my credit card number 😉), so I’m just spreading the word because I’m a satisfied customer!!!

Note: On the picture, you can see that I have the patience of a 2 year old because I already tried everything right away; that’s why the brushes are all dirty. Oupsy!Doopsy! My review will be coming very soon, but I can already tell you that there is 2 items in there that will be “Hooly Grails” “Favorites” “Most-Loved” “Best of 2015″… Can you guess which ones ???

Have a Great Week


Ingrid xoxo


7 thoughts on “New MAKEUP goodies that just arrived at my doorstep !!!💛

  1. I feel you about the Canadian shipping problem. So many times I’ve gotten to checkout only to be horrified at the $25 shipping cost for a $25 order!!! Thanks for the website tip 🙂

    xo J


    1. If you have a Winners near your place, they also carry RT at a cheaper price!!! All Rt brushes are so good, I must have 15 of them 💖💗💖 That being said, this website is awesome if you want to order 🙂

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