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March Favorites !!!

I love March so much because it’s THE month of hope! When March comes after a long (a very long never-ending) winter, I become so happy, I feel like I am reborn if it makes any sense …

You can feel it in the air; warmer days rime with a contagious happiness! Everybody seems so joyful !!!


Since I bought a few makeup organizers, I’ve been playing with some items that I have and almost forgot and of course, also some new stuff and OMG some things I thought I hated; Makeup, well beauty things in general as you already figured it out, are my weakness, so I have way to much and sometimes, some products don’t get the love they deserve …

So here is the fabulous Beauty Stuff I’ve been loving a lot in March!


♥ Burt’s Bees “Ultra Moisturizing” lip treatment ♥

I’m a firm believer that lip treatment doesn’t have to be expansive to be very good. You won’t ever see me buy a 30$ lip treatment! Why would I? There is so many awesome drugstore ones… This Burt’s Bees does exactly what it suppose to do : moisturize my lips and the fact is that it does a damn good job 🙂

march fav 9

♥ Too Faced  La crème in “Marshmallow Bunny” with Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in “Bare Naked” ♥

My most used (so I guess favourite) lip combo of the month have been using these two! Oldies but goodies as they say …


♥ O.P.I Nail Lacquer in “Panda-Monium Pink” ♥

To me, it’s the perfect everyday pink that goes with everything; very soft and spring appropriate.


♥ Make Up For Ever “HD High Definition Powder” ♥

A few months ago, I bought this powder for setting my under eye concealer, and I immediately regretted this one because somehow, I preferred the e.l.f one (at 4$ CND), so it stayed in one of my drawer and while decluttering, I told myself that I needed to use it. In March, each time I have set my foundation with this powder, I’ve been loving it like crazy ! The only thing I dislike is the jar itself; I had to transfer the powder in an old container ;(


♥ Smashbox ” Photo Finish” hydrating under eye primer ♥

This one is a year favourite since I use it every single day. It does a great job at making my concealer appear flawless! Totally recommending this little gem.


♥ Nars “Pro-Prime” Smudge Eyshadow Base ♥

I got a deluxe sample of this primer and I fell madly in love with it. This primer can make any less pigmented eyeshadow look like a million bucks ! The regular size is 29$CND; Surprise-surprise I could even see myself buying the full size. I wish it would be a squizible tube though because I think I might be loosing a lot of product with the container style and its dofa applicator 😦


♥ Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in “Pink Opal” ♥

I use a little bit of this shimmery pink stick to add light to my eye makeup and OMG this is GORGEOUS. The shade & the formula are impeccable; very sophisticated in fact !


♥ Lavanila Laboratories in “Vanilla Coconut” ♥

Anything vanilla gets me all the time and if you pair it with coconut it’s a sure buy … This will be a summer fav ! Smell so good!


♥ Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow palette from their past Christmas Holidays collection 😬 ♥

I have a confession to make: when I bought this kit from two holidays ago, I hated it. The rest of the kit was awesome but these eyeshadows went in the back of the drawer to be forgotten forever (I was even angry with myself to have kept it, and not returned it). Anyway, you my blogger gorgeous friends have been raving so much about the “Tartelette” and since I value so much your comments, I thought to myself : Could I’ve been wrong! Did I gave a fair chance to this palette? So, at beginning of the month, I set myself to use this palette everyday and guys I love the formula so much… I’m really surprised!! That’s probably what happen when you have too many choices; you end up not giving a fair chance to many AMAZING products. Seriously, how cool is this palette? Who knew !!! How cool are those Christmas Set when you think about it? (unbelievable value!).

What were your favourites of the month?

Thanks a lot for stopping by …


☀️Ingrid ready for some sunshine☀️


20 thoughts on “March Favorites !!!

    1. Too many products ! How lucky are we 😉 So bizarre, if it wouldn’t be for the good reviews I read from my bloggers “buddies”, I wouldn’t have retry this palette -crazy! Thanks so much for your comment & the following. xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s so funny that you say that (how you didn’t like the Tarte Holiday palette but now you do) cause that’s how I’ve been feeling about TheBalm Voyage palette that I used today. Sometimes you really do just have too many choices! I found that with the Tartelette I needed to wipe off that first layer to get to the good stuff. Maybe that was the only problem you had with the holiday set too!?


    1. Seriously Kaily, I have so many palettes that probably this one at that particular time was not sexy enough 😉 Do you realize how much I value your opinion, you made me revisit this AMAZING palette … Crazy right!!! 😘


  2. I love March too for the same reason. Marshmallow Bunny from Too Faced always speaks to me when I see it in the store, but I’ve yet to pick it up


    1. Unfortunately too many things talk to me to! 😉 Wait till next Christmas to purchase this lipstick if you can, they always put Marshmallow Bunny somewhere in their Holiday value kit ! xoxo


  3. Does the Burt’s Bees lip balm smell nice? Such a pretty OPI nail colour! I love OPI nail polishes 🙂 I love all your products you’ve mentioned in March favourites 🙂 great post, Ingrid!!


      1. Oh thank you! It’s quite expensive for the Burt’s Bees lip balms but seeing your picture it says ultra moisturising so it must be real good since its in your favourites! Yay 🙂


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