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FTB Beauty Haul : Any Regrets? (Dbellium Tools & L.A Girl)

Last week, I told you about a delivery from FTB Beauty and since then, I’ve played plenty with all the products received.., so am I please ?


First, the brushes from Dbellium Tools:

Awwww! Ladies, these are so great and affordable; they are a nice addition to my beloved RealTechniques ones. You probably ask yourself how did I ended knowing about this brand? Well, do you remember when I told you that I was stalking a YouTuber name Stephanie Lange (because of her technics on hooded eyes)? She often uses the #787 large blending brush, so when I found out that a canadian-based company was selling them, I had a epiphany. It’s so funny because I don’t let any YouTuber influence my tastes and since some of them made me buy crappy stuff that they were raving about as the best of the best and surprise surprise we never saw them use the product ever again (we call them sellout!). What I want to say is that now, I gather information before buying any product but yet, there is almost nothing on these brushes. Since they were affordable, I took a leap of faith and voilà! … I’m happy to report that they are REALLY GREAT, a hidden gem.


In detail: I bought 3 blending brushes from their Studio Line the #776 (blending brush) #785 (tapered blending) #787 (duet fiber large tapered blending eyes). As you can see, I was short on blending brushes! It’s safe to say that these brushes are perfection. I can’t wait to buy some more. It’s funny because they look like painter’s brushes with the bigger, very sturdy yellow handle. Adorable because of the uniqueness I guess.


I also needed badly a flat eye definer so I bought #714 in their Vegan Pink Bambu collection. I couldn’t see myself without this brush since now, I use it exclusively to put the tiniest dry eyeliner under my lower lash to make them appear fuller, and also to powder my lower waterline on top of my eyeliner when I want it to last for more than 15 minutes.


Finally, back in the days, I was always applying my lipstick and glosses with a brush for precision purpose and I don’t know why, but a few years ago I stopped doing it. Recently, with the new liquid lipstick trend going on, I just needed a good lip brush again so I bought #540 (precision liner) from the Green Vegan Bambu collection. Perfection again!!!

I‘ve heard so much about L.A Girl products before, and since FTB Beauty carries them, I jumped ahead and got 2 makeup products that I was curious about…


First my new favorite concealer, Pro.conceal HD in “Classic Ivory”

This is really such an amazing concealer really! It doesn’t look cakey, super lightweight, creamy, dries fast, I’m telling you, I’m in love and this love fest come with a less than 5$ price tag (A+ for the price vs quality)


Finally the GLAZED lip paint in “Babydoll” (the only colour that wasn’t sold-out!!!)

This is my summer 2015 lip colour… So pretty! I apply a tiny amount with my new lip brush and I end up with the most soft, perfect pink lips ever. Since it’s a super long lasting formula, it can be a little drying so I am always adding a gloss on top for that extra delicious pout (minty pout I might add)! So inexpensive for the amount you get, you need so little of the product to achieve the lightest or the brightest kissable lips.

So Any regrets? Yes just one: not getting more items 😉 If you are Canadian, do consider FTB Beauty (fast shipping and very good service) & OMG I highly recommend you try the Dbellium Tools brushes; each brush is under12$CND. They also have sets, but in my own experience, I always notice a big difference in quality in the individual brushes versus those that comes from sets. It remains to be seen with this particular company though. L.A girl have embellish my face since I bought them, super budget friendly without missing out on the quality.💖

Thanks for stopping by my beauties


 Easter Bunny 🐰Ingrid xoxo


11 thoughts on “FTB Beauty Haul : Any Regrets? (Dbellium Tools & L.A Girl)

  1. Nice to see a review about these products. Most people always focus on drugstore/sephora brands so it’s nice to see a more random , youtuber talked about set of products!

    xo J


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