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Maybelline “Color Tattoo” – Review –


I know the color tattoo’s have been around for so long that we don’t even notice them anymore at our drugstore; it’s like our eyes skip this part of the Maybelline display … Well I take it upon myself to give back these AMAZING products their badge of honour! First, let me tell you that a lot of high end and drugstore brands have tried to give us good cream eyeshadows, and almost all of them have failed miserably (Boo-Boo-Booo!!!) So girlfriends, it’s time to dust off your old color tattoo’s and rediscover how cool and versatile they are and if you were on an other planet and have not yet try these, please just do, they’re “THAT GOOD”


What Maybelline says about them on their website:

Dare to wear 24HR shadow.
• Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation
• Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant 
• Ophthalmologist-tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


So here are the Oh! so fabulous Maybelline “Color Tattoo”:

The Good:

♥ Multiple shades and style (Original, Leather, Metal) to choose from.

♥ Stays on all day – I mean these things don’t budge!

♥ Very inexpensive (always on sale/clearance somewhere), I paid less than 3$CND for each of the ones I own.

♥ It does a pretty good job as a primer – Barely Brand is a great dupe in my opinion for Mac Paint Pot.


♥ Application is very easy. (Beginners friendly)

♥ No CREASING even on oily lids.

The NOT so Good:

♥ You need to close the lid tight if you don’t want a dry up product. (*** I’ve had one for three years and I thought at some point it was dry up and unusable, but I just scrape the top layer and under, it was perfectly fine !***)

♥ It can accentuate wrinkly lids when worn alone; with eyeshadows on top that is less of a problem. (because yes! I do have wrinkles starting to appear 😢)

Bottom Line:

What’s not to love: Dreamy shades and let me tell you that once the formula sets, it resists creasing, flaking, and smearing until removed !!! Overall a very fun & affordable little pot with many “makeup” possibilities!

Here are the new limited Spring 2015 shades :



Thanks for stopping by my beauties


“Tattoo” Ingrid xoxo


14 thoughts on “Maybelline “Color Tattoo” – Review –

  1. Ooooo 😀 I have the Inked Pink but I never use it haha! Only because I feel my eye lids have too much space and I wouldn’t know how to work it around my eyes…I guess! Haha. I tried putting on a little to see how I liked it but I didn’t. I don’t know….I’m weird!! But the rest of the Maybelline colour tattoos look really pretty 🙂 xx


  2. Thanks for the reminder. I think I got a couple of them a few months ago and haven’t used them lol. But I think it’s exactly what you said. I am so put off by cream shadow from high end products that I think I eventually gave up on them.


  3. i love the color tattoos I need to get more! Also have you tried Bobbi Browns Longwear Cream Eyeshadows? They are amazing and long lasting and don’t crease! I did a review on my youtube channel if you want to check them out. youtube.com/beautybydaniieb but yeah I know what you mean by these are a great price so it’s not worth spending the extra on high end


  4. Hey 🙂

    I loved reading your review. I have yet to try these, but everyone has been saying how good they are and reading reviews like these really makes me want to ‘run to my drugstore and get all of them’. (as I always say)
    Lovely photos, as well. 🙂



  5. I like the look of that Black Orchid one from the Rebel Bloom collection! I bought so many of these when they first launched! But I had to throw many of them out because they dried out (and I closed the lids VERY tightly). At one point I owned 15 of these and now I’m down to 8. I’ll probably just stick to MAC Paint Pots – none of them have dried out on me.


    1. Thanks you so much for your comment! I love Paint Pots too for an all over eyeshadow primer 🙂 Black Orchid is truly gorgeous, it’s my favorite out of the Rebel Bloom Collection xoxo


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