Frugal Makeup Tip : – Doffa Applicator –


You probably already do this, but just in case, I still want to share this with you. In my march favourites, I expressed my profound love for my Nars “Smudge Proof” eyeshadow base but I also said that I thought the packaging was made in a way that you end up loosing a lot of product! So frustrating!! But frugal me always think on how to have the most for my buck which is 29$ (ouch!).

Last friday, armed with my trusted screwdriver I took upon myself to take off the cap (at the base of the tube), and OMG there is for weeks of product inside, weeks… again WEEKS or MONTHS (happy dance)! You need such a little of this primer, let me reformulate, you must use just a tiny amount if not, you will end up with dry patch on your eyelids and we don’t want that …


I found a video from Kirsten of ItsKeerstin on youtube that explain in a gentler matter the how to do if I wasn’t clear!!!

Hope this was helpful, don’t forget to use this tip on all your Doffa Applicator makeup products.

 If you’re wondering which kind of posts are my favourites, these are 😉


Ingrid xoxo


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