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wet n wild “Reserve Your Cabana” -review-


You know by now that I am quite passionate about makeup and I either love or hate a product (not a lot of in-betweens). The love fest happens a lot, what can I say, I’m genuine about stuff !!! … But this one is capital LOVE.

Long story short, I went to Wal-Mart to buy some random stuff and I always look while I’m there for wet n wild in “Reserve Your Cabana” because of trusted girls who swear by this one, and it’s always out of stock. This time, there was 1 left; I prayed that it was not all broken up or previously open, but it was A1. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype? Hell yesssssss! Do I recommend it? You bet. Do you absolutely need this one in your stash? Of course.

The wet n wild Color Icon Collection Bronzer SPF 15 comes in three shades Reserve Your Cabana, Bikini Contest and Ticket to Brazil


The awesomeness :

♥ Wet n Wild is a cruelty-free brand.

♥ Way beyond affordable at 4.99$CND (3.99$US) for 13g of product – It’s a huge pan.

♥ SPF 15, in summer it’s a nice perk.


♥It gives the best natural subtle glow on my fair skin. (Note: It’s definitely more of an highlighter than a bronzer)

♥ The main thing is that it doesn’t look “glittery” or “shimmery”. (The micro shimmers are undetectable unless you look from extremely close).

♥ It doesn’t emphasize wrinkles or any other issues you have going on with your skin. (Totally wakes up dull or tired looking skin)


Bottom Line:

This powder is a dream for every fair girl in the universe, yes the universe, since you all beautiful fellow bloggers come from different part of the world. This product is the real deal;  it’s a no brainer (in my humble opinion)! First off, my skin looks more luminous and since wearing it, I had a lot of people saying how nice my skin looks. I can’t express enough how buttery smooth they apply and the staying power is downright incredible on my skin.

Tip: Apply the powder where you usually apply any bronzer and on your neck for the best glowing skin ever…

Poor Beard Man bought The Hourglass Ambient Lightning palette (67$CND) for me at the VIB ROUGE event and I haven’t tried it yet since I’m so in love with this powder… It may not be the most beautiful packaging ever, but the product & the price itself makes you forget that really fast! I couldn’t be happier about this found of the week.

I’m starting to be vain, since I’m always looking at my GLOW


Ingrid 💘 wet n wild


5 thoughts on “wet n wild “Reserve Your Cabana” -review-

  1. I LOVE this powder too! When I first saw it ages ago when American bloggers were raving about it, it wasn’t available in Canada yet so I asked my friend to bring it back from the US for me. It’s such a great quality and non-glittery powder at such a cheap price! I bought a back-up of it at Walmart Canada once I saw they started stocking it, just in case I can’t get my hands on it in the future! 😀


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