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My week in Recap (Sort of) !!!

Hola! just a little part of my week …

My “dates” (7 of them) with Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna palette has just started today if you don’t know what I’m talking about please read my previous post and join in !!!


This week I found one of the best free app ever; this wonder is call “Water Balance”. We all know that drinking a lot of water is really good for our skin and health so this beauty lets you know exactly how much you need to drink every day ( I thought I was drinking enough water euh! not really I found out). I love it so much (thank you to Aspiring Londoner for writing about this awesome app). Everybody should download this one and it will make you think twice about a third coffee 😛


Finally this one has landed on my doorstep, she is beautiful and perfect for my hooded eyes, I already love you dear TARTELETTE … Can’t wait to play with you in 8 weeks (Crying a little bit right now, but I’m a woman of my word)!!!


Beard man & I celebrated our anniversary, 4 years of pure happiness … If soul mates exist you definitely are mine💏 … as you can see our furry family is also crazy about their daddy. 🎂


Totally random, but I think I just have found the best Banana Bread recipe and it’s totally low fat and lower in sugar, perfectly fitted for my ongoing diet. 👙


My song of the week is from a guy who literally lives next door (seriously lives in my city) and is trying to make it in Nashville so let your inner country girl sink in… This particular song is not new but I personally just discovered it and heck I like it a lot. So here is Robby Johnson’s (AKA Sylvain Robitaille, very french and totally less marketable I guess) “SOUTH OF ME” . I might add that I find him quite easy on the yes too.

Have a superb weekend


“Dress Your Face” Ingrid xoxo


9 thoughts on “My week in Recap (Sort of) !!!

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you and your husband many more awesome years together 🙂 Also, love the song! xx


  2. Congrats on your 4 yr anniversary with Beard Man (teehee, I like your name for him!) 🙂
    And I’m impressed you’re going to hold off on using that Tartlette palette for 8 whole weeks while you trial your other older palettes – that’s dedication!


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