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April Favorites


April always means that I can start playing with some fun colours … In little dose maybe, but still, I feel the rainbow shades calling!

So have a look at my april’s fun stuff :


Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio (YE 406) ♥

This little eyeshadow trio puts me out of my comfort zone, and I usually would never consider putting these colours on my eyelids. Remember, I am the poster child for neutral shades, but these in little touch here and there are looking stunning and so summer. Pigmentation is also out of this world …


L.A. Girl PRO-Conceal (in Classic Ivory) ♥

I can’t say enough about how much I love this concealer; so easy to apply (best with my fingers), doesn’t crease, very inexpensive … There is always a better product out there but you know what? with this one, I’m not even searching!! It’s how much this one is the right fit for me.


Dr Brandt BB Cream (with Flexitone) mix with Annabelle Skin true (in Natural Ivory) ♥

Seriously, when I first used Dr. Brandt BB cream (alone) I hated it so much that for the next six months I didn’t touch it. As a last resort before trowing it away, I thought there was no arm in mixing it with my holly grail (for years) Annabelle foundation, and magic happened… my skin looks so good with this combo!! Morale of this story: mix and match your products for the best finishes or the best shades !!!


Nails inc. (in Kensington Palace Gardens) ♥

There isn’t a shade prettier for summer than this peachy-rosy nail polish from Nails inc. It’s one of these colours that makes you look way more tan than you are ( Heu! I’m not tan at all but you get what I want to say).


Pupa Milano Triple-Purpose Eye Pencil (in 05) ♥

For me, the warmer months rhyme with purple eyeliner, and this one from Pupa Milano is so good (in fact as good as my 24/7 Urban Decay or my Modster from Ardency Inn).


Lise Watier Sweet Lips (in Berries) ♥

On the back of this cute package it’s written Yummy lip Balm, what more can you ask than a yummy girlie pink balm… Nothing out of this world except the packaging.


Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (in Backstage Bambi) ♥

Amazing lasting powder (seriously, it totally stains your lips), very true pink (humm! what is a false pink!!!). It’s a total out there shade but I really dig this one.

Thanks for stopping by


Ready for summer Ingrid xoxo


13 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I love how most of your photos here show a vibrant pop of colour/s!! Especially the first picture, my eyes had to adjust to the screen lol. But that eye colour trio palette looks awesome to wear on you, definitely not for me but you, yes! 🙂


    1. Janice, you just made me laugh so hard 🙂
      P.s It’s not for me either but a touch here and there is quite lovely (I think) …
      I should start writing way more on my second “Healthy” kind of Blog, it’s less out there just beauty stuff & more real life (well MY LIFE – the struggle) … and obviously what I must concentrate on 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. By the way, (in all honesty) I’ve been wanting to tell you that you look gorgeous in your profile pic! I’m sure you changed it some time ago because I remember the photo with your awesome crazy blonde-ish curls up in the air! lol. I tried describing it to my best abilities!! 😀 😀 But yes, I didn’t know where else to let you know. xx


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