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Our Top 3 Picks For May: Eyeshadow Palettes (Collab with Sharon Beauty prime)

Oh! wonderful and beautiful May, the month of every possibilities … makeup wise of course 😉 From now ’til the end of august, I just let my imagination run wild and I venture into every pinks, purples, yellows and mint greens imaginable in the world. The summer eyeshadows palettes are the prettiest of all; we (I) want them all but I get such little use out of them each year (temperature wise, it gets cold in September so, brighter colours are unfortunately out) that I do have to control all my urges (and they are huge)… This year as I started to grow up and become a responsable adult (who am I kidding I’m still so young at heart, but that’s not the point), I chose to revisit my summer palette from last year (BooHooBoo, I know it’s not sexy but these palettes really deserve way more TLC).

What is so fun about this collab with my beautiful friend Sharon (Sharon Beauty Prime) is that you will get totally 2 different Top 3 (I hope so)…

So here are my Top 3 eyeshadows palettes for May (and summer 2015):

1. Urban Decay “Ammo” 


Yay! you can still find this one here on sale for 16$

For me this one is the total package, not one single matte eyeshadow. It’s all metallic shimmer and fun baby! Just during summer that you can get away with that much sparkles (or not if you like to live dangerously).


You don’t realize how stunning each eyeshadows are until you start to play with them. For me personally it’s Urban Decay at its best. (Why on earth haven’t I bought any Naked palettes??? Hum! Strange)

Note: Polyester Bride is my all time favorite inner corner brightening shade; I use it every single day.

2. Urban Decay “Feminine”



For sure an oldie, but the quality of these six eyeshadows are to die for . AC/DC will indefinitely remains my favorite eyeshadow of all time. The pigmentation is just out of this world . Bordello, Skimp and AC/DC are the perfect summer combination.


Note: Unfortunately, this palette is not available anymore but I’m pretty sure many of you own this beauty.

3. Shiseido “Eye Color Bar”


Yay! (again) it’s still available here 



This palette is one of the best palettes I have ever tried. Every color is very creamy, highly pigmented, and true to color on the eyes. Absurd quality is what I want to say, this one is right there with the best of the best. The packaging is also super cute and practical.

** All swatches pictures are “reluctantly” from Beard Man’s arm. **

What are your summer most used palettes ?

Note: If you are on a No-Buy beauty products or just on a budget or if like myself, you prefer to invest in neutral palettes that you will get good use 12 months per year, you should look in your stash and you will found (surprise-surprise) that you already have all these summer shades. Think of all the Urban Decay’s Vice palettes, all the Too Faced holidays palettes or just the less than 5$ wet n wild “Poster Child” palette.


BUT … If you are in the market for some new goodies for summer, I would consider these:



Curious to see which are Sharon Top 3 palettes for May? Find out here.

You are be.You.tiful


Pastel Ingrid xoxo

Disclaimer: I purchased everything myself 


10 thoughts on “Our Top 3 Picks For May: Eyeshadow Palettes (Collab with Sharon Beauty prime)

  1. Oh you should have been me when I first caught sighting of the Shiseido Eye Bar online. I ran to my usual Shiseido counter and asked them to find out the Canadian release date and hold one for me! I was SO excited! It’s a gorgeous palette but I never remember to use it. I especially love the more sheer transformation shades – so sophisticated and refined. I hope Shiseido brings out a volume 2 in the future! 🙂


  2. Haha, I like to live dangerously and wear shimmer all the time 🙂 But some of those bright colors!? They only belong in spring and summer lol 🙂 The Shiseido palette sounds so nice too!


  3. Wow! Awesome picks Ingrid. I love all the palettes you have. The Shiseido swatches looks so creamy and the shades are really unique. I definitely need this palette when I want to step out of my comfort zone from my neutral shades. Great post 😀 xoxo


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