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My Week in Recap! (Cargo’s Northern Lights Eye Palette)

Did Cargo’s Northern Lights Eye Palette make me swear all week long, cry my heart out, make me want to throw it in the garbage… NOPE!!! In fact I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these eyeshadows. One tiny little thing bothered me and I had to cheat a bit: this palette contains only one matte white shade so I had to add a transition shade but overall, I am very pleased.


♥ Blend like a charm.

♥ Didn’t fade at all. (With a primer)

♥ The brush included is one of the best I’ve seen that comes with palettes.

♥ Very pigmented & unique shades.

♥♥♥ You DO have to tap the excess because it’s a very powdery formula ♥♥♥

Like I said, the only downfall is that you CAN’T achieve a total look with this palette unless you don’t mind the all shimmer eyelids !!! Will I keep it? For now yes, because it’s clearly a fall palette so if in October I don’t use it enough, this one will be living somewhere else!

I paid 19$ for this palette which I consider to be a bargain…

If you don’t know what I’m talking about read my previous post:

 8 Eyeshadow palettes with an uncertain future

This week I’m having a date with Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Femme Artistry Set, at least, this palette will allow me to rock some spring eye makeup look.


Last week I emptied 2 of my favorite products:

First one is Boscia “Luminizing Black Mask”


Detoxifying, purifying, pore minimizing & it hurts a bit when you peel-off this mask 🙂  this is how I would qualify this little wonder 😉 I love this mask and I only apply it on my T-Zone. I will surely buy a new one !!!

Note: You have to apply a tick layer unless it won’t peel.

The second one is my beloved Soap and Glory lipgloss in Candy Gloss


Yes the formula is on the sticky side but since I wear my hair up most of the time, I don’t mind at all. You know you love (I mean LOVE) a gloss when you break the doffa applicator scrapping the sides to retrieve all the product. I will NOT buy a new one just because I’m hanging on my no-buy lip products clause. (The drama happening right now is heartbreaking, I just threw my tube in the garbage)

♥ We just got Netflix ♥


Loved it : Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


I’ve seen way better than: The Other Woman


I’m a coffee addict! If I didn’t restrain myself for sleep purpose I could easily drink a ton of it … WITH FLAVOR CREAMER that is  !!! (3 new flavours at my local Walmart) I know that, on a diet I should stay away from the creamer but that’s my only indulgence and life should still be fun (right!!!)


Which is your favorite flavour?

It’s my first week at Beard Man’s place since november and it was great, since he lives in the country. I get to enjoy (with the furry family) a lot of wood trails … Nature is one of the few things that makes me the happiest.



My sweet Maya (10 years old)

Last but not least my friend Sharon (Sharon Beauty Prime) who I do collab with each wednesday, made a post (HERE) about a DIY “Coffee Body Scrub” that is suppose to be very effective … OMG this scrub is kind of messy in the shower BUT I never had softer skin in my whole life and I swear that my cellulite appears to be less noticeable (Even Beard Man said that my tights looks smoother). It’s been a couple of days but I’m hooked … You have to try this one …


What you need:

♥ 1 cup of coffee grounds (I do have a ton of that ;))

♥ 6 tbsp of coconut oil

♥ 3 tbsp sea salt or sugar or brown sugar (I use white granulated sugar)

♥ empty jar (or just plain tupperware)

Mix the 3 ingredients  & scrub your body in the shower (So easy!)

Note: I keep mine in the fridge

Hope you have a great weekend


Ingrid xoxo


19 thoughts on “My Week in Recap! (Cargo’s Northern Lights Eye Palette)

  1. Glad to hear that Cargo palette made the cut… for now! Yes, I agree, the colours included are difficult to do a complete eye look.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Sephora + Pantone palette!


    1. So far so good … It’s so hard using this one when in front of me I have the “Tartelette” , “Unzipped”& “Pro 2” that I haven’t touch !!! ( It’s killing me) 😀 xoxo


  2. Thanks Ingrid for the mention. I’m happy to hear that my DIY coffee scrubs works on you as is for me. I look forward to see your spring look with color of the year palette. Coffee with bailey creamer that’s a treat 😛 xoxo Great post.


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