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Top 3 for May : Lips (collab with Sharon Beauty Prime)


My lips are “blossoming” in May, that is in 2 ranges of color: pinks & corals !!! Summer is the perfect opportunity to show the world our brightest lips (totally kissable statement) … So today’s collab with the one and only Sharon (Sharon Beauty Prime), who by the way rocks red lips like no other, is about our Top 3 for lip products 🙂


Choosing only 3 favorites (more 4 since one is a topper), goodness gracious, was hard  but I did and I proudly (well just a self proclaim lip addict would say proudly – but heck) present to you the chosen ones (how weirdo am I!!!)

1. Pupa Milano (New Chic #8)


For me this is the ultimate summer sheer pink glow shade. I don’t know if my USA girls can get Pupa? I myself just started to buy from this brand and I’m loving every product I’ve tried especially this lipstick .

♥ Seriously the packaging is oh! so “urban chic” cool

♥ Feels very good on my lips

Perfection if you enjoy a “Frosty Pink pout”

2. Stila (Sophie)


It is the best nude-coral shade to use alone or as a base to any orange or pink lipgloss.

♥ Smell like a mint chocolate candy (York peppermint)

♥ Super long wearing and awesome formula

3. The Buxom duo (Mai Tai & Celeste)


First of all Buxom can’t do wrong. I love every single gloss that I ever purchased from this brand …. What can I say, they are simply the Best !!! Number 1 !!! Desert Island status !!!

♥ Smell like a vanilla/caramel ice cream cone 

♥ Long wearing for a lip gloss 

♥ Shine like crazy 

♥ Non sticky (some could argue this one)

♥ Tingly feeling one the lips that I adore 

I LOVE THEM … Coral heaven with sparkles (Allergic to shimmering pout? Well you might want to stay away from Celeste 😋)


Cutest mention: The baby tiny Buxom (Pink Lady) that Sephora gave to VIBs in the last 15% sale …. Truly adorable baby pink ever in the most precious little packaging !!! If I wouldn’t be dead set on my No-Buy lip product clause, I would have bought the full size since I love it so much …


Here you can enjoy Sharon awesome picks!!!

I hope you kissed someone today


Ingrid xoxo


7 thoughts on “Top 3 for May : Lips (collab with Sharon Beauty Prime)

  1. I always eye the Pupa display at Rexall but they’re so pricey – I’m glad to hear they’re great products. I only ever bought an eye shadow primer from Pupa and it was just ok – a bit drying on the lids.
    Great collab post! 🙂


    1. I paid 5$ for this lipstick… at my local drugstore they always have big sales on Pupa’s makeup 🙂 I agree that it’s a pricey brand but like I said they always have the biggest deal (in Quebec anyway) !

      Liked by 1 person

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