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My week in Recap


This week I told you about Beard Man’s quest at Ulta. One thing I forgot to mention, and maybe the most important, is that he also came back with some samples that the lovely (I guess) associate gave him. They are all quite random with one big exception: (Drumroll!!!!!!)  A (big) free deluxe sample of Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten (in Pink Grapefruit). Holy Moly it’s the most beautiful bronzy-peachy-rosy blush ever, I haven’t stop wearing it since he came back. Obviously it’s my first and only Laura Geller product but I’m so impress, next time you are at Ulta ask for this “beauty” as your gift with purchase!


Are all Laura Geller makeup this good?

Finally this week we were able to finish the 7th and final season of Sons of Anarchy, the most brutal season but very enjoyable (that’s my wild side talking) … Next stop Downton Abbey (Hummm! I guess you could say that I like different “genre”)

images - copie

(My 3 favorites character)

If you like action movies, you have to watch John Wick (The best I’ve seen in a while!!!)


On to my 8 palettes with an uncertain future! WILL I give my Sephora + Pantone Universe (Radiant Femme Artistry Set) palette to someone that will use it more than I will. Yes … Why? It’s not because of the quality of the eyeshadows although they are oh! so powdery (you do have to tap the excess a lot if you don’t want blue cheeks), it’s more a case of me having better palettes to choose from and that I adore. Did I create stunning (in my opinion) eye looks all week: Totally! Did the eyeshadows blend ok: Very much so! Lack of pigmentation: Au “contraire” all these eyeshadows except maybe Radiant Orchid have exceptional pigmentation! A beautiful palette that will make one of my girlfriend very happy (I hope). I do have a hard time letting it go 😦



(I’m a neutral girl, what can I say !)

Next week palette on death row (Remember I just finished Sons of Anarchy) is one that I’m so excited to TRY (yes try!) because I haven’t even swatched it (I know awful) and it’s my first tryout of Smashbox eyeshadows… so “On The Rocks” here I come.


On vacation! Oh! yay Oh! yay This is my first “Off Week” since October so spending the week at Beard Man’s, in the country (no traffic, nature, and a really nice 7-day forecast) and at the same time, we just started our new diet (more a way of eating). It’s how should I say … AWFUL in the sense that it’s a good well-balanced 1500 calories meal plan (nothing fab there), but it’s still diet for god sake! Me, who have such a sweet tooth, I can tell you that there is no desert in sight. That’s my karma I guess to have dealt with weight problems all my adult life …(So frustrating when all the rest of my family are rail-thin). At least Beard Man is doing it with me.


How cool are those Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix, I have some with me all the time, they make drinking water a blast … For me the best flavour is without a doubt Aloha Pineapple Coconut !!!


Have a great weekend my beauties


Ingrid (Who want some cake!!!)


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