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MY 5 BEST Makeup Tips


Even if I like to think that I know a lot about makeup, I’m the first one to try new techniques to switch things up and to improve my skills.

These 5 makeup tips are really basic but they are also the best ones I’ve learn a long time ago … If you are new to makeup, these are for you and if you are, like myself, a beauty fanatic (with experience) you will likely agree with them (and they probably will make you smile)

1. Do not forget your neck



Often I see girls with a full face of makeup that doesn’t match their neck, it looks like a mask (definitely my biggest beauty pet peeve). The importance of having your foundation the right shade and fading (dragging not applying a lot of product) it ’til the neck is ESSENTIEL.

Funny fact: That being said I myself am guilty of that sin; I recently saw a picture of myself with a white neck and an obviously darker face (grrrr!) Why? Oxidation of my foundation was the culprit; so I always bronze my neck to prevent any “difference” during the day …

2. Blend, Blend & Blend


Some time ago, a makeup artist was saying: “when you think you’ve blend enough you should blend one more time” (It really is my favourite beauty quote). That goes for contour, bronzer, foundation, eyeshadows; it needs to be seamless, we should never see lines of product but more a shadow.

3. Using an Eyeshadow Primer


I REALLY believe that an eye primer is the key to my good eye makeup look; primers  keep eyeshadows from fading and creasing!!!

Note: Eye primers should be applied in a thin, even layer.

4. Time does matter !


If I have 5 minutes in the morning, I won’t try to achieve a smokey eye look; a BB cream and that’s about it. Being real and prioritize is key when it comes to makeup. For example my skin has redness, acne scars, pores, premature wrinkles & lucky me sun damages; so first things first: smooth things up and go from there afterward… 10 minutes usually means BB cream or foundation, concealer, powdering both and lipgloss !!! 30 minutes will give me time for a full face look with no fuss (meaning a basic polish daytime look) and 1 hour gives me time to have fun with primers, more elaborate eye lids, contouring, highlight my face (you know the whole shebang) etc.

Being real about how much time I have for beautifying myself; wanting to do a lot in a short time frame is a sure way to look “Botched” … Less is more, ALWAYS !!!

5. Skin care is key


No matter how high end are my makeup products, it won’t look as good if I didn’t prepare my skin accordingly. By that, I mean drinking enough water each day, applying face masks twice a week, moisturizing morning and night, applying an eye cream to hydrate my eye area. Your skin regimen is the canvas for any makeup look and speaking for myself, I did not prioritize this part for years and it shows.

I know: skin-care and sunscreen are boring like hell but this is the MOST important makeup tip ever.

Note: Since my Water Balance app, I drink a ton of water and it shows on my skin. Let’s be honest I wasn’t lucky in the skin department, I think that I suffer from every skin problems there is but with a very good regimen (good products) my face is looking way better and my makeup too.

What is your best makeup tip?


Always learning Ingrid xoxo


3 thoughts on “MY 5 BEST Makeup Tips

  1. Great tips Ingrid – so helpful!! Gosh that first photo is a tad terrifying, being pale I’m always worried about looking like I have a horrid orange mask on lol 😀 Karen xo


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