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Top 3 for May: Nail Polish (Collab with Sharon Beauty Prime)


Nail Polishes for spring and summer are my “babies”; toe nail polishes I mean because on my hands I’m lucky if any nail polish stays more than 1 day without chipping like crazy (I’ve tried every brand know to man (well ME) and nothing stays on 😦 ) You won’t ever catch me without my feet painted and in summer (and sometimes even winter) I like them bright and very colourful…

Since it’s my weekly collab with Sharon (Sharon Beauty Prime), I’ll put a link to her post at the end of this one. Sharon makes daily post, to this day I don’t know how she does it (I bow to you my dear friend😘)

Choosing 3 was brutal but I did it :

Uno: China Glaze (in Float On)


It’s described as a cream neon-pink shade but it’s not neon, it’s a beautiful bright bubblegum pink.

Deuce: Deborah Lippman (in Shoshanna)


“Shoshanna” is my absolute faveeeeeee of the group. This is basically perfection in a bottle. It is described as a “Virtuous Vivid Violet.” I would describe it as a purple leaning periwinkle creme with a very subtle but elegant ribbon of silver running through it. The formula is on point. I could wear this all day, every day. ADORE!

Funny Fact: This shade comes from the “Girls” set , to this day I haven’t watched an episode of this TV show. I don’t know who is Shoshanna:) Still on sale.

Possible Dupe: OPI  (in You’re Such a Budapest).

Tres: China Glaze (in Wait N’ Sea)


Wait N’ Sea is an aqua blue, “let’s-go-to-Hawaii-kind-of-shade”. (Never been to Hawaii but in my mind, they go together). I never get tired of cobalt blues, they’re just so pretty!

Note: Both Float On & Wait N’ Sea came from the oh! so “Look at my Feet” Off Shore 2014 collection (Dune Our Thing) They are both on sale individually.


Curious on Sharon Top 3 , find out HERE.

Have a nice day my beauties


Bright Feet Ingrid xoxo


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