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Sephora Favorites : new Bronze bares-ALL (Review & Swatches) 2015/2016


Bronze Bares-All 2016 (Review)

Sephora Favorites Bronze Bares-All Summer 2016



When I first saw this set on the Sephora website, I knew I was going to get it eventually… Wow! Totally in love with every product (Yay!). The Sephora’s Favorites kit  that they normally release for Summer & Christmas time used to be a no brainer for me. I was buying them all, and loving them! However, the past year have been a poor one, and personally, I returned or didn’t buy most of their sets: the value was not there for me or like at Christmas time, they had a lot of repeated products and that pissed me off a tiny bit.


Sephora redeemed themselves with this one; each product is a superstar, no dud and the sizes are generous. The 3 full-sized products alone are worth 65$ (happy dance!!)! The rest are deluxe samples (Seriously, I don’t need or want full-size, I much rather pay for more items than one big one). No joke, the size of Becca’s Opal will last me more than a year I’m quite sure.


I paid 47$CND (39$US):

The box contains:


Nars lip gloss in Supervixen (full size) 31$

The most perfect formula! If this gloss had a sweet smell (which it doesn’t), this would make this one heaven.The shade is a universal sheer pretty, golden, mauvy. My best description is that this shade is very SEXY 😉

Sephora Collection contour eye pencil 12hr in #14 (Cocoa-Shimmer)  (full size) 12$

Since I own a few of Sephora Collection eye pencils, I can attest to their quality. I really don’t understand why there is no hype about them. This pencil is so creamy, long wearing and a really pretty bronzy brown shade and it’s half the cost of my beloved UD pencil (just saying)!

Urban Decay split pan eyeshadow in Half-Baked/Twice Baked (full size) 22$

GORGEOUS! If you already own the Naked 1 or 2 palettes, you are aware that Half Baked is a drop dead, sublime, perfect, golden goddess color; Twice Baked is as stunning: medium neutral brown with fine gold glitters that really make your eyes pop. Crazy pigmentation, Urban Decay at its best!!!

Formula X in Evocative (deluxe sample)

Although a nude mocha, it has some depth and is just an extremely tasteful color. I love using Formula X since it is not too runny and dries quickly.

Becca shimmering skin perfector in Opal (deluxe sample)

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard the praise of Becca skin perfector in Opal. I can tell you that it is worth every penny; in a class of it’s own.

Tarte contouring face slenderizer in #1 Park Ave Princess (deluxe sample)

I really dig the shade, the creaminess and the easy application; a little goes a long way. Very beginners friendly. A pleasant discovery for me.

Bite Beauty high pigment pencil in Madeira (deluxe sample)

For my taste, Madeira represents the perfect nude (with peachy/pink undertone)

** Bite pencils are housed in a twist up applicator, so no sharpener is needed**.

Too Faced matte bronzer in medium deep Chocolate Soleil (deluxe sample)

The infamous Chocolat Soleil, we all have it! We all love it and help me god, I can’t stop sniffing it … Pssst. I’m so pleased because it’s written medium deep on the packaging but I’m pretty sure I got milk chocolate (Hi!Hi!Hi! perfection for my fair skin).


(Ooops! Opal is really Chocolate Soleil, my mistake!!! Opal wasn’t really showing up)


If you are still wondering if I recommend this set, Yes! YES! and Yes! I will use every bit of product ’til the last drop. Exquisite, perfect for this summer. I am so happy with this purchase – every single shade and/or product is new to me. This one will sold out quickly.

Sephora you did very good on this one … (Even the box is cute!)

♥ ♥

Have a great day my beauties


Ingrid JLO style xoxo


23 thoughts on “Sephora Favorites : new Bronze bares-ALL (Review & Swatches) 2015/2016

  1. I love Sephora’s boxes that contain various brands with various products in it 🙂 I remember I bought a box in Spehora filled with 10 different mascaras 🙂 I’ve only used two or three. But this box is awesome! Love it Ingrid! xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 😮 haha thanks Ingrid but unfortunately I’m not great with makeup really! I wear the very basics haha


  2. Wow I really wish I didn’t have any of these so I could buy this! It’s such a great deal! I would have rather bought this for opal instead of the full sized one. I used opal a lot and I haven’t made a dent on it yet.


      1. Ikr! It’s one of my fav highlighters! Although I had a bad first impression at first because I accidentally put too much. They have insane pigmentation.


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