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8 palettes with an uncertain future (with me😄) Smashbox “On the Rocks”


My usual “week in Recap” is like myself, it went on a Holiday 😜 … Back to work today (To put it mildly, I want to cry my eyes out because of this fact) but I wanted to tell you about my “oh! so surprising” week with the Smashbox “On the Rocks” !


If you are avid readers of C.S.B. (Curly.Spring.Blossom 😉) Blogs, you would know that I pinpointed 8 palettes that I rarely or never used, then force myself to use each of them exclusively for a week and make the decision to give it to a friend or keep it ’til I hit pan on every shades (Dahhhh! Like it ever happens). Here is the link to my original post if you are lost with all that blabbering .


Truth be said, I bought this palette in January on a whim because it was on sale (story of my frugal life) and ’til last week, I had never used it (not even swatched it). I was quite anxious because my previous experience with any Smashbox eyeshadows was with the Full Exposure palette and it was not a good one (I’ve since returned it), but I kept hearing that the “Photo Op” eyeshadows were a totally different ballgame and Oh! goodness gracious it is !!!



(My 5 favourite shades of the week: Juniper, Framboise,Lavender,Purple Mist & Mink)

This palette has blown me away!! I am totally in love with the formula. Compared to the Full Exposure palette, it’s night and day. The shades are pigmented but not overly, there is almost no fallout (we all know I hate fallouts), the blending ability is unbelievable and I have almost every shade possible to achieve a ton of different looks.

What’s wrong with me? If it wouldn’t be for my spring decluttering, I’m sure I would have passed on this A++++ palette. What’s not to love: half of these eyeshadows are mattes and half are shimmers and they range from very neutral to very colourful, winter and summer friendly … Seriously, this palette is on its way to be in my 2015 palette of the year !!! Even the packaging is exquisite and very sturdy.

To all my eyeshadow palette girls out there (you know who you are), you should really make an effort to rediscover those dusty palettes that are being wasted in the back of a drawer somewhere.

Next stopToo Faced Everything Nice “That’s what pretty girls are made of”; a palette that again I haven’t touched (You can judge me because I’m judging myself right now!!!) I’m very anxious to put this one to good use, it’s so pretty like every single Too Faced product.




All products in this post were purchased by moi. All reviews are my 100% honest opinion.

Pricing & Availability:

I paid 30$CND (On sale) and it is last Christmas Smashbox palette edition. From time to time, I see this palette on the Smashbox website in the final call section at a ridiculous price. If you stumble upon this palette I HIGHLY recommend it.

Have a great weekend my beauties


Ingrid xoxo


14 thoughts on “8 palettes with an uncertain future (with me😄) Smashbox “On the Rocks”

  1. i ABSOLUTELY love this palette!! I’m obsessed with it, it has sooo many great colors and I can do colorful looks, neutral looks. The only color it’s missing is Dark Green. I’ve done a few looks on the blog with this palette and I love it! Xx

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    1. Awww! I don’t know how come nobody talks about these “photo opt” eyeshadows from Smashbox … Well, they are all missing on a fabulous palette 😉 Lots of xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That Smashbox palette looks great!! I haven’t noticed it perusing the stores here. I would have bought it in a heartbeat with all those colors! Omg.

    I just got 2 Dior palettes so budget for May is blown but maybe June. That wlukd be June 1st! 😁

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      1. Bahaha! Twinsies I have 2 Clarins palettes that are so beautiful and I had them for at least 4 months without touching them 😉


  3. It’s so funny, both palettes you are talking about I returned. I didn’t try the Smashbox one, I tried the smaller one and didn’t like it so I figured they both were probably the same formula and needed to go back. Also bought both cause they were on sale, haha. As for the Too Faced one, I just didn’t reach for it. Hope you get some good use out of it, though! If you don’t try doing a blogsale so you can get some $$ back instead of just giving stuff to friends 🙂


      1. No I haven’t I usually return anything I don’t like pretty fast, haha. Do a few searches to see what others have done. I see a lot of people use paypal to get paid from the buyer so they don’t get ripped off (as in you send the buyer the product and they promise to mail you money or a check that bounces).


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