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Lise Watier: Rivages Bronzing Powder & Rivages Eyeshadow Palette reviews


My spring cleaning left me feeling blue. (You know when after the harsh winter you go through your summer clothes just to notice how much weight you’ve packed on and last year’s shorts make you look like a bad version of Daisy Dukes😱). Looking thru a mountain of stuff, I found my long lost gift card that my mom gave me for my birthday last December (Oopps)! The only thing is that this gift certificate was to be redeemed at my nearby tiny drugstore. If you think for a second that I would buy household cleaning stuff with it, you don’t know me at all !!! So I had 2 high-hand brands to choose from: Lise Watier (which is an originally Canadian company) and Pupa Milano!!! I already have a few items from Pupa and nothing new was standing out for me while my last purchases of Lise Watier products dated back to at least 5+ years (when I did my makeup decluttering, I threw in the garbage 3 glitter eyeliners from this brand; the question will always remain: what possessed me to even buy these in the first place?). Anyway there was some big offers on all of her makeup items and armed with my gift card, I bought 4 items.

Today I’ll talk about 2 products from her latest summer 2015 Rivages Limited Edition collection: The Rivages bronzing powder and (surprise, surprise) the Rivages eyeshadow palette !!! (I hear you saying: noooo she didn’t!!!  But yes she did! Gift Card = No Guilt)


First the Rivages Bronzing Powder

I have to confess that I had no expectation at all. Lise Watier is obviously not my brand of choice. For no reason, I overlooked past collections because they didn’t really have that wow! factor (or any hype for that matter). That was before guys. I LOVE THIS BRONZER!! Holy grail status, that is if you can find it! I hear it’s sold out almost everywhere and for a good reason that is…



♥ Love the rose goldish packaging. (really sturdy & contains a full size mirror on the inside lid)

♥ This thing is humongus. (Seriously it’s the size of my entire hand)

♥ It’s the most flattering pink/golden hues bronzer. (Even for my fair skin).

♥ This bronzer gives a natural luminous sunkissed look without being orangey.

♥ The formula is incredibly soft and pigmented.

♥ On me, it lasted all day without ever looking cakey or chalky.


The NOT so GOOD:

♥ The powder can kick up a bit of product so can get a tad messy. (Not really a problem for me but I had to find something right! 😉)


Bottom Line :

Lise watier has stunned me with this BEAUTIFUL star bronzer. What can I say, it is a perfect blend of bronze, pink and gold colours which provide the most beautiful sunkissed glow without looking fake.

 *Grab it while there are still some available.*

Note: I used it on my eyelids too and it give a luminous subtle glowing effect… Really pretty.

Now onto The Rivages Eyeshadow Palette
-Limited Edition-


The Good:


♥ This palette contains ten astonishing neutral shades that blend like a charm.

♥ The BEST powder-cream texture. (It’s difficult to describe how good this formula is and how unique)

♥ All the shades are just so incredibly flattering. They range from an array of matte, semi-matte and satin finishes. No glitters, no shimmers. My best way of describing it is a matte silky finish if that makes sense. (Hooded eyes, aging eyes & appropriate for beginners)

♥ There is No Fallout .(No tapping is necessary, how incredible!!!)

♥  Pretty Sleek packaging, very Chic & well made. (Very sturdy, mimic the same material as the Tartelette palette if you are familiar with it)

♥ It’s easy to create daytime beachy looks or nighttime rumba flirty sultry eyes. (The staying power is incredible and no creasing)



(Oh! my Oh! my, I need the book: “swatches for dummies!”!!😂)



♥ How can I put it mildly; if I was making a YouTube video now you could hear “Birds”, “Flies”, “Complete Silence” or Nikki’s Tutorials saying “OH! God No’S”.  Why? I mean WHAT possessed Lise Watier to put two double-ended cheap sponges with such a beautiful palette, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it. Come on !!! It ruins the whole look. A double-ended brush would have been the ONLY way to go. I have to express it again WHY on hearth … (speechless on this one)

Lise Watier rivages12

Bottom Line:

  Ok! For now, I will forget I ever saw those two “el cheapo” spongy thing were ever there. (After my pictures they went straight in the garbage)

I know you’re thinking, another nude palette; but this one is actually unlike any other one I own. The formula is exquisite; it will absolutely be my go-to palette for my “in a hurry days” because these eyeshadows are so easy to work with and really forgiving (mistake proof) .

In a few words I’d say a Stunning beach-inspired array of sunny and sandy neutrals palette. Bravo! Lise Watier.

Thanks for stopping by my beauties


Ingrid with a palette obsession

Disclaimer: 100 % paid by me (with a birthday gift card 🎁) The bronzer retail for 39$CND and the eyeshadow palette for 54$CND.

Availability : For Canada in every big chain stores like The Bay & Sears, in almost every drugstores, online at Lise In USA Naimie’s carries the brand. In Europe, it’s easy to find in France (I think).


26 thoughts on “Lise Watier: Rivages Bronzing Powder & Rivages Eyeshadow Palette reviews

  1. Lise Watier can do no wrong in my books! I love all of her collections! I’m sad that I won’t be partaking in this collection (esp that palette!) due to no-buy. But who knows, some of the items MAY make an appearance next year at Winners / Marshalls or even on clearance on the LW website! Fingers crossed. 😛


      1. I’m telling you I LOVE this palette, it’s so flattering and easy to work with. I’m sure you will find this palette on sale soon since it’s limited edition!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The eyeshadow colors look really nice. But seriously, why bother with those ridiculous eyeshadow things? The only thing they are good for is nail art 😉
    xxx Anne

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That palette is very pretty (as is the bronzer). Yay for gift certificates! I own a quad from LW that my mum picked up for me in Canada. I quite like it. I think if the brand was more accessible to me, I’d probably buy more of her products. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The palette is so pretty and the bronzer is simply stunning (and huge) !!! I don’t know why I’ve been “snobbing” this brand for the longest time !!!
      Have a great day ☀️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lise Watier makeup products are guarded by the sales promoters at almost drugstore I’ve been. Same goes for Clarins, Lancome, Clinique, Nexus brands etc.I always feel like I’m obligated to buy somehow. I’ve seen the Lise Watier palette but was a budget spend last month.Those 2 products look so beautiful and thanks for a lovely review. 😀 xoxo .


    1. These 2 products took me by surprise !!! They are so AMAZING … The bronzer is one of the best I’ve tried in a long long time 🙂
      Are you feeling better sweetie ? xo’s

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I am feeling better thank you so much for asking 🙂 ❤ Those 2 products look so beautiful! I love how the bronzer looks too. 🙂 xo


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