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BUXOM: Dolly’s Wild Side eyeshadow palette -REVIEW-


You know you have the best sister-in-law when she asks you to order the brand new Buxom eyeshadow palette in Dolly’s Wild Side for her. Since I’m VIB Rouge she knows that I do benefit from their free shipping offer and *Youppi!* she then tells you that she doesn’t mind if you want to try it first and write a review about it. My answer : YESSSSSS, sure!!! 😏 (Would I do the same? Please don’t ask …)

My only problem with having so many eyeshadow palettes is that you become REALLY picky and you compare a lot. So with an open mind I’m reviewing this palette as if it was my first. The virgin palette Ingrid (Bahaha!)

I have to admit that this little number is a cutie, pink animal prints always get me and on top of it customizable (That is freaking awesome, great innovation Buxom)


The website description:

A refillable, six-shade eye palette with expertly curated, primer-infused, neutral to mauve shades.

So did my sister-in-law order a Gem (and I want one for myself) or is it a dud?


The Good:

♥ The packaging is so attractive in a “wild” sexy way, even the names of the eyeshadows are overly cute : Silk Sheets (chai luster), Champagne Buzz (shimmering pearl), Lingerie Lover (matte mauve), Mink Magnet (metallic bronze), Spoiled sexy (matte deep mauve) & Wild Nights (shimmering sugar plum)… seriously this palette wins the best shade names category.

♥ This palette is customizable; Buxom offers 40 different shades you can choose from  to switch as you heart desires (season changes for example!)



Note : I personally would have made my own palette with only matte shades!

♥  Travel super friendly; it’s build as the perfect size for any makeup bag. (Very sturdy with a big mirror)

♥ This palette makes it easy to create a soft beautiful eye makeup.



The NOT so GOOD:

♥ I don’t feel like the built-in primer in these eyeshadows really replace an actual primer   (I tried it with and without and definitely works better with my trusted eyeshadow primer).

♥ They swatches so beautifully (I’m still mesmerized by the way they look on my arm) but when you actually apply them, they don’t translate as well. Another thing is that each time I would put 5 different colors from the palette, it would look like I have one cute allover pink shade at the end of the day.

♥ Fallout heaven, the formula is powdery (very powdery)… Taping your brush is a MUST unless you want pink cheeks!

♥ Pricey if you compare to other palettes.


Bottom Line:
two perspectives:

My sister in law ADORES this palette: she is a mother of two very young children and she travels a lot for work so she carries her makeup stash with her all the time. She likes the fact that this palette offers a beautiful range of soft, not overly pigmented pink shades that don’t need professional blending abilities.

For me this palette was easy to use. I created really nice SIMPLE eye makeup looks and the packaging is very girlie in a pink leopard kind of way. But at 50$CND, you can  get the Tartelette, the Nakeds, any Chocolate Bars, any KVDs, and Lorac Pro palettes (You get the point?). This product was not disappointing per say but I was not impressed either. I really like the concept of the custom built-in, that’s totally neat and the format is very practical but other that it’s somewhat AVERAGE in a cute way.


Thank for stopping by my beauties


 “Sassy”Ingrid xoxo

Disclaimer : This is 100% my honest opinion (feel free to disagree) and this was purchased by my sister-in-law.

Availability: At Sephora for 50$CND (40$US), there is 3 other palettes in this collection: May Contain Nudity, Pastel Persuasion & the Customizable Eyeshadow Bar which makes you choose your own 6 shades out of 40 different eyeshadows).




19 thoughts on “BUXOM: Dolly’s Wild Side eyeshadow palette -REVIEW-

  1. Great review! The packaging looks so pretty and so do the swatches. Sorry to hear that it doesn’t apply on the eyelids very well. That’s a shame! 😛 xo


  2. Nice! I need my sister to start buying makeup so I can review her stuff, haha 🙂 That last pink shade is really pretty but I totally agree with your final thoughts… it’s a neat concept but for the price there are many out palettes you could buy that would offer you rich pigment and more looks. Great review!


  3. Oh, I hate it when eye shadows looks perfect in swatches, but perform SO differently on the lids. I do like the customization of this palette – great concept – do they sell the pans individually?
    Your sister in law DOES sound awesome! It’s rare to find that – you’re lucky!
    I don’t think I would let someone try my brand new eye shadows before giving it to me if I’m honest! 😛


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