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HOURGLASS: AMBIENT Lighting palette -Review-


Probably the # 1 product I’ve been wanting for a year now, so if you ask me what were my expectations, let’s just say they were HIGH!!! In fact I’m the last one (ok exaggerating a little bit) to finally put this palette in my Sephora cart. I was longing so much for this baby, the pressure to totally deliver was up there… So (drumroll) I’m a little bit disappointed (not much). Foolishly I taught it would transform my face somehow into this flawless glowy, almost filtered kind of look. (Remember that I heard praises on this palette for a whole year so I’ve amplified the power of these powders a lot …67$CND later here we are)



♥ Hourglass is Cruelty-Free

♥ 3 different FINISHING powders to choose from to achieve a natural sheer glow. (I do think it’s a good introduction to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder).

♥ A little bit of product goes a long way. (You don’t need much)

♥ Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated packaging.

♥ I really love the fact that it gives the cutest sunkissed effects without looking like you have some powders on (It looks like your skin but better)


The NOT so GOOD:

♥ These powders are so thinly milled and very soft that I always think that I’m wasting a lot of product depending on the kind of brush I use. (Even on the packaging it’s written “please handle with care the powder is fragile”.)

♥ On my fair skin Ethereal Light and Diffused Light would look way better. I have to use a very gentle hand with these powders otherwise they are too noticeable. (Yes! glowing too much can be a bad thing!)

♥ It’s a luxury item that comes with a steep 67$$$CND (58$US) price tag .


Final Thoughts:

While I do enjoy the beautiful effects it provides, I don’t see how it differs from other beautiful highlighters, powders & bronzers that I currently own. I have to admit that the Ambient Lighting Powders breathe life back into my skin after I’ve applied foundations and setting powders, and I do get some extended wear out of my base products. These powders also smooth my skin’s appearance by minimizing pores and imperfections, giving it a natural luminosity (not shiny, not shimmery!!!).

So is it REALLY worth the hype? Well the more I use it, the more I want to say Yessss! but it’s not life-changing or holy grail status for me YET. (The reason being is its effect on my skin complexion rather than the product itself ! I do receive compliments when I wear them *Giggles* …)

How I’ve been using this palette: 

♥ I use Dim Light all over my face as my finishing powder. ♥

♥ Then I use Radiant Light where the sun usually hits: forehead, cheeks, nose, chin.♥

♥ Then I finish with Incandescent Light on the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, and sometimes in the inner corners of my eyes. ♥

Have a great week my beauties


Ingrid who needs a tan xoxo


25 thoughts on “HOURGLASS: AMBIENT Lighting palette -Review-

  1. I never purchased the palette trio but I own Dim Light and Mood Light and use them both as all over setting powders. Dim Light works really well with my skin which has some peachy tones to it. And I really enjoy Mood Light in the evening to give me a air of mystery lol – the Lavender tinge. But I get what you’re saying about all the hype building expectations. I never tried the others so I can’t speak to them at all. 🙂 xo


    1. I should have bought Ethereal Light, I think it would have been better for my skin tone !
      Don’t get me wrong these are good powders but I was expecting more I guess …
      Have a great day xoxox

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  2. This palette looks gorgeous! Thank you for being so honest in your review. I don’t think I could spend this much though lol. If i did it would definitely be for a special occasion lol. 🙂 xo


  3. I have been going back and forth on this product for years now! I finally purchased just one Luminous Light powder from Hourglass, and I was disappointed that it wasn’t that noticeable…it’s pretty – but just feels like sometimes it does nothing….so I am back to square one with deciding if I would invest in this trio….I am just not THAT impressed to shell out that sum…Awesome post! 🙂


  4. I never considered buying the palette, but I’ve had my eye on Dim Light as a setting powder for ages – as a comparable product to the MAC mineralize skinfishish natural. It is so pricey though! I’m still undecided since there’s even a good dupe for the MAC powder from Sephora’s own line which I quite like. Marketing is such a powerful thing!!!


    1. OMG! You have a dupe for MAC mineralize skin finish ??? Tell me please 🙂
      The Hourglass powders are great but I would buy the right single instead of the palette!

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      1. Yes! The Sephora Microsmooth Foundation Face Powder:

        However, when you do the math on a per gram basis, the Sephora one ($27.50 for 7g) is actually slightly MORE expensive at the regular price ($3.9/g vs MAC at $3.7/g) than MAC ($37 for 7g). The secret is buying it during VIB sale!
        I actually like the shade range from Sephora better than MAC.


  5. I have to say this little palette looks utterly gorgeous – you can almost tell it’s going to hit the pocket a fair bit lol Great post, thanks for such an honest review 🙂 Karen x


    1. Thank you Karen!
      Honest reviews is the ONLY way to go because 67$ is in fact a lot of money … It’s really a very good product but not a must in my opinion!
      Lots of xo’s

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