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Tarte Tartelette -Review-


I WILL probably sound like a broken record but what can I say, in the last few months companies kept on delivering their best products to date. Oh! my god!! Could this one be the best of the best? the Numero Uno? My Nirvanic palette? Did it surpass my stunning KVD!?! It almost did … I just died and went to heaven with this one (It happens to me a lot from time to time, what can I say I’m passionate about the things I love). Where have you been all my life sweet Tartelette. I won’t even go there, choosing between KVD Shade + Light eye contour palette (you can read HERE my toughts on this little gem) and the Tartelette because you DO need both in your life, that is if you have hooded eyes, aging eyes or just are a makeup addict (like myself). I call this one my bridal palette mainly because I created the most beautiful soft looks with these shades. PERFECTION! Worth every penny. It’s a definite splurge and I will be using 100% of each and every shade ’til I hit pan (Operation “Emptying-this-bad-girl” is on)!


The Good, The Best  The WONDERFUL:

♥ Perfect mix of warm, cool, and plummy neutrals, ranging from light to dark.

♥ Beautiful all matte palette.

♥ The packaging is very travel friendly, as it is slim, yet sturdy.

♥ The colors are all blendable and beautifully pigmented. (Not too pigmented that you have to blend like crazy)

♥ Application is like a dream, with virtually no fall-out whatsoever. (It’s more of a dry formula)

♥ Doesn’t crease on me & no fading throughout the day. (I always used my MAC Paint Pot or an eyeshadow primer)

♥ Tarte is a cruelty-free brand.


The NOT so Good:

♥ To me there is NONE


Bottom Line:

If I had the opportunity to create my dream eyeshadow palette, it would have been these exact same shades. These 12 colors are totally GORGEOUS,  so versatile and user-friendly. I really appreciated that this little number is set up to be a no-brainer in my quick “working” morning routine. I’m totally smitten. By the way YESSS! Totally worth the hype.

Funny Story: Last week I went to Sephora (to get some samples since I’m on the hunt for a new foundation) and just as I came in the shop, a girl in front of me was returning her Tarte Tartelette palette, saying how awful it was, no pigmentation, chalky, blablabla…  To sum it up, it felt like she had bought the worst palette ever. I was standing there and I was like “What the F…..? How can somebody not love this beauty?” (I almost took it personally)?!?  So my beauties as always feel free to disagree with me. We all have different preferences, skin types and tastes and that’s what makes makeup so interesting, in a  beautiful way.


Thanks for stopping in my little internet world


Ingrid who LOVES Tarte (pie in French) and Tartelette

Disclaimer: 100% paid by yours truly.

Availability: At Sephora & Ulta 44$US (53$CND). This palette is not a Limited Edition (Yay!)


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      1. Another blogger had encouraged me to buy mine of course lol. When I saw the swatches I was sold! lol 🙂 xoxo


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