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Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty concealer -Review-


In my little town, our Walmart now carries Hard Candy (*Happy Dance*). My first buy had to be their concealer, as I had read so much great things about it. Here is my little review.

From Hard Candy website:

A heavy duty, highly pigmented, blendable concealer that provides the ultimate coverage.  Create a flawless surface by covering birth marks, freckles, dark circles and even tattoos!


♥ The color selection comes with a well appreciated ULTRA LIGHT shade, a god sent for pale skin girl (a color so rare to find in drugstores brand).


♥ Heavy Duty it is. This formula will cover the darkest of circles, birth marks, tattoos, body scars, well anything you can think of.

♥ Budget friendly! I paid 5.98$CND for a huge tube that will literally last ages.

♥Even if the texture is on the thick side, it blended quite easily. I didn’t experience any tugging or pulling even when I applied it on delicate eye areas.



♥Crazy, almost immediate creasing no matter what I tried: with primer, hydration, setting powders or without. I think that if you have fine lines (like I start to have), it WILL crease. For that matter, I think it will work best on younger girls.



Sadly this concealer didn’t work for me. However if you are a young adult or a teenager, especially with fair skin, this product is 100% worth trying. The thick formula can be overpowering but I found that with my mini beauty blender, I got the perfect coverage. Even if this product didn’t gave me the best results, I can’t wait to try some other Hard Candy goodies !!!

Any suggestions ?

Note: The pencil it came with is useless (for me) as the product is so waxy and hard to apply.

Thanks for stopping by my beauties


Sad Ingrid who wishes she was 18 years old again.

Disclaimer: I bought this concealer myself.

Availability: Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmarts (Store & Website). It comes in 7 different shades: ultra light, light, fair, medium light, medium warm, medium & tan.


8 thoughts on “Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty concealer -Review-

  1. Sad to hear that it doesn’t work for you. I got mine in sample size with ultra light shade which was too light. I mixed it with my favorite Maybelline Age-Rewind and I’m happy with the results. Lovely review! xo .

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    1. Creasing apart, it’s a fabulous concealer !!! Mixing it didn’t help with the creasing… I really need to try Maybelline Age-rewind 🙂
      Have a great day my friend xo’s

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  2. Great review! I used to just love this concealer for blemishes but yes it does crease more under the eyes. It is a great concealer though overall. I’m hooked on my Maybelline Master Conceal now. 🙂 xo

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