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New Bite Maple Matte Crème lipsticks & NYX Haul


This past week my “No-Buy lip products” clause was put to the test big time with Bite Beauty’s release of their Maple Matte Crème lipsticks for Canadian buyers only (Just for this fact alone I wanted to buy the whole collection – for once, we Canadians have an opportunity to have limited edition products). You know me, I had to go and check them out in store, and I shouldn’t have went because I fell madly in love with the shades but mostly, with the aroma!!! They truly smell like Maple Syrup; not the cheap stuff the real f**ing thing (they suppose to taste good too). Simultaneously, they released the Maple Agave Nectar lip mask that I will buy since “technically 😏” therapeutic products are not included in my No-Buy (The things I say sometimes! 😁). My Canadians friends out there don’t miss out because they will sell out so fast. My 2 favourite lipsticks out of the 5 are Warmed Maple (a beautiful fall orange shade) and Sugared Maple which is more of a deep plum.


Did you know that L’Oréal bought NYX recently?!? The consequence was good and not so good at the same time; NYX products will no longer be available at my local drugstores. Seriously, we recently lost Target and now, the few drugstores that were carrying the brand! That being said they put the small amount of product that they still held on clearance so frugal me went big on their single eyeshadows (2.50$CND). As much as I think that drugstores’ brands are upping their game in the lip products department, I still find that great affordable eyeshadows are hard to find. With the exceptions of NYX single eyeshadows and Sonia Kashuk’s. Here is a picture of my little haul (I guess it shows that I’m a neutral girl!)



On an other note, I have a drawer full of samples and I never use them, so I’m trying to use one at least once a week. This week lucky winner was the GlamGlow Brightmud eye treatment and first impressions are very good. The company wrote on the product “to use one dual chromecell per eye” but I found out that I had enough product for both eyes with one cell. I’m impressed that it really did brighten and reduced the puffiness around my eyes, mainly due to my lack of sleep!!! This product was awe-inspiring! It says a lot when you know that I have a beef with GlamGlow and their face masks: see the picture below (that says it all).



I have 2 empties that I wanted to mention because they are so good especially if you are acne prone: Mario Badescu’s Acne Facial cleanser & the Special Cucumber lotion. You should consider both products if you are on the hunt for a new cleansing regimen. I can’t wait to stock up when I go South to visit again, beautiful USA. (ULTA we need you in Canada!!!)


Have a great weekend my friends


Ingrid xoxo

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9 thoughts on “New Bite Maple Matte Crème lipsticks & NYX Haul

  1. Those Bite Beauty lipsticks look so nice!! I also like the shadows you picked out from NYX. I am a neutral kind of girl too. 🙂 xo

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    1. You think those Bite lipsticks look nice but girlfriend if you could smell them 😉
      Have you tried NYX matte (single) eyeshadows ? If not you should, they are very good, in fact as good as some high-end brand out there !!! Thank you for being always so nice & supportive 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to smell them!! 🙂 I bet they smell amazing! I have tried the single shadows and have a few of them actually. They’re great!! You’re so very welcome! 🙂 xo

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